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Feedback from Hypnotherapy for Stress and Sleeping Disorders

*Disclaimer: This page contains short feedback from emails written by clients, in their own words. Every client and every situation is unique, so result may vary from person to person


Female, 62, insomnia
*"Since I saw you last Thursday, I have been sleeping without the aid of sleeping pills. I am so happy with this result. I am feeling so empowered!"  


Male, 26, insomnia, depression
*"After suffering from insomnia for 8 years that led me to have a nervous breakdown, severe depression and take 9 months off work I can't thank you enough for the help you have given me! I had tried all sorts of traditional medicines, sleeping techniques and sleeping tablet but nothing worked! It was in desperation one night I was searching the internet when i stumbled across your website  and after just one session I was able to sleep quite well. The next two sessions you showed me how to build on the techniques to a point now that I sleep like a baby! I was able to return to work just a week after our last session. Thank you Joanna for showing me the techniques of self-hypnosis as now I no longer have any signs of depression or insomnia!"


Female, 30, stress and worries, sleeping disorder

*"I have had trouble sleeping ever since I can remember but when it got significantly worse, I decided something needed to be done.  I remembered that friends of mine had tried hypnotherapy for various reasons (with great results) and although I was a little skeptical but decided to give it a shot.  After only one session with Joanna, I notice a marked improvement and after 2 sessions, not only was I falling asleep within 10 minutes but sleeping soundly all night.  I have just finished my 3rd session with Joanna and not only am I sleeping better than I can even remember, but I am feeling more relaxed and positive about many aspects of my life.  Interestingly, I lot of the changes that I felt were subconscious.  I didn’t immediately realise these changes until Joanna pointed out that we had touched on these things during the last session – absolutely amazing!  Joanna, words cannot thank you enough for the changes that you have helped me make."


Male, 36, depression, insomnia, nightmares

*"Just to let you know that I was asleep before I finished my exercise today... I woke up around 2:30am but instead of a lucid dream or nightmare, I just woke up laughing.  I can't understand what happened in the session but thanks."


Female, 22, anxiety and sleeping disorder

*"I am now sleeping better, and have more confidence and happiness. With continued Self-Hypnosis, I can hopefully continue this way"


Female, 43, anxiety and unwanted thoughts, insomnia

*"I felt quite good after the hypnotherapy. Really i did. I slept well and had nice thoughts , positive thoughts squeeze through.. "


Female, 23, anxiety and insomnia
*"I feel much better - I agree that the exercises are really useful, particularly in 'switching off' the mind to calm it down.  I can sleep and I am not so tired al the time. In addition, I think it helps me realize some of the reasons I was feeling as I did."

Male, 35, very high stress, anxiety and anger, sleeping disorder

*"Thanks for your help. Yes the results have been good and they last. I can ignore my boss now...I can enjoy my life more, I started going to the gym, I've even lost some weight"

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