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Clients Feedback from the First Hypnotherapy Session

*Disclaimer: This page contains short feedback from emails written by clients, in their own words. Every client and every situation is unique, so result may vary from person to person


Female, 21, stress, anxiety, depression

*"Thank you so much for the session. It was something I was really in need of. You opened my eyes, my heart, my mind and my soul to aspects of my life that I wasn't aware of.So far, the results are good. Now I'm studying everyday and in less hours I achieve satisfactory results. I'm even creating rhymes to help me remember some important information. Before, due to procrastination, I would find millions of excuses not to study. Thank you for that!. Also, I've been doing my homework and keeping my anxiety under control."


Female, 50, prolonged stress and anxiety

*"Thank you for the session yesterday it really helped and I am having moments of feeling so ecstatic, and happy today it's awesome.....would like more of that"


Female, 43, anxiety

*"I was so happy to meet you. It was such an interesting experience. I feel very well, relaxed and happy again. I've noticed that I'm joking now again and I didn't think about fears. I still have lots of problems regarding my husband's and son's jobs but I don't feel the tension anymore. It seems like I have more faith  and understanding. As you said everything happens for a reason. I'm doing the relaxation exercise x2 a day and feel better. I can easily  visualize and I enjoy doing it."


Female, 35, depression and weight issue

*"Since the session, I feel like somewhat of a different (better) person.  I have been feeling different and it was not until late yesterday that I realized that I was happy and content on the inside, which is an absolutely fantastic feeling.  I feel like there is a bounce to step and I definitely have more energy.  I was craving carrots and vegetable last night!"


Male, 29, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety

*"I thoroughly enjoyed the first session last night. I already feel lighter and have noticed that even when I get the negative thoughts of not being able to make the changes we discussed enter my mind I feel more able to let the thought go. I imagine the thoughts as clouds coming and going in my mind.  I have been letting the thoughts be in my head rather than trying to fight them (which is what I normally do) and just saying it is okay for them to come but it it also okay for it to go.
Of course you were right, I slept very soundly last night, I was able to drift off no problems and got to sleep early and other than in the morning didn't dream as rapidly all night long."


Female, 25, bulimia

*"Thank you so much Joanna, I hope I continue feeling this way...I feel like I have control over my eating again. I know it's only the first step but it's a start!"


Male, 59. stress and anxiety
*"The session yesterday was, in a word, amazing. Over the past 24 hours I have reflected on the skills imparted and the level of clarity derived. I commented to my wife that I enjoyed the deepest and most peaceful sleep last night, and put this down to the state of mind and relaxation.
I am absolutely committed to achieving my goals and look forward to working with you to embed the skills touched on yesterday."


Female, 32, anxiety, emotional eating, weight issue

*"I enjoyed my session on Tuesday and I think it has made a definite improvement to my eating. I have managed to say no to foods that I normally would just eat so that is great! "


Female, 45, weight loss

*"I have noticed a great difference in my life already! I am walking each morning and enjoying the exercise and the energy I am finding from the walks. I am listening more intently to my body – I am only eating when I am hungry, eating much more slowly and enjoying the taste of the food. I have felt more focused at work and have been working more efficiently and completing the tasks quickly and not engaging in avoiding behaviors. The relaxation exercises are allowing me a much deeper sleep and I am waking up feeling a lot more refreshed."

Clients Feedback About Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Male, 51, confidence and motivation

*When I made my appointment with you I was not entirely sure of what to expect. I had never knowingly been hypnotized in my life and was not sure if in fact I could be. As it turned out, being hypnotized was a lot easier than I expected and more subtle than I thought. I had this expectation and I guess fear that I could be told anything and would involuntarily react after waking. Nothing of the sort occurred and I was amazed at how subtle and yet powerful the process is. Changes do occur, was I aware they were happening as they happened? Not immediately. It was after a week or so when I looked back I realized how effective and positive the changes had been, as I said subtle yet effective. After a week or so I realized I was living the changes rather than consciously trying to make them."


Male, 27, Sports achievements

"first of all, hypnosis happened to be something else than i've expected. i just tried it, because it seemed to help me on my way, just give it a go.
and during the session it's not like falling in sleep and then waking up being completely different, without knowing what happened. No, just on the contrary, complete awareness and control, so i thought, well it's not bad but is it really working?
but it is"


Male, 30, anxiety attacks and unwanted thoughts

"Having tried and failed to be hypnotized on stage in the past I was amazed by how deep into hypnosis I would go and by how easily I can put myself into a similar state now. The key is allowing yourself to do it and not thinking about anything else but that openness to what is happening - even if, at first, you're not convinced it will work for you.

I have learnt that everything you do in hypnotherapy is only what you want to do therefore, everything you do in hypnotherapy is right for you. With your suggestions in the sessions I was able to make simple thoughts significantly change my outlook and I am still impressed with the results."


Female, 30, eating disorder

"I found the sessions relaxing in themselves, and the overall benefits were much longer lasting than the hour session. The results affected many areas of my life.  Hypnotherapy is such a quick and deep way of healing oneself."


Male, 50, anxiety

"Well thank you for last night, it was an experience that will be in my thoughts for ever.
I am now fully converted to hypnotism or what ever comes with it – self hypnosis I guess."


Female, 36, psoriasis and weight loss

"I have had psoriatic arthritis in my right knee for over nine years and after having my first child it became really bad. I was in hospital not being able to walk properly.I was taking very strong medication that didn't improve my symptoms at all, in fact I later started with my left knee making life very very difficult especially with a healthy and active 2 year old boy.  
With your help I was able to remove anxiety from my life and able to see things that were adding to my sickness therefore I was able to correct them, thus feeling more energetic, more in control, I lost weight and started eating healthy foods and generally felt lighter with less pain, worry and a clearer path to follow. This improved all areas of my life, as having constant pain was very draining on myself and family and I didn't really want to socialize as much because I had this constant pain which put me in a bad mood. To cut a long story short hypnosis helped me tremendously and there are no drugs involved which is great."

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