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Hypnotherapy Help for Fear of Public Speaking and Public Performance

Hypnotherapy and hypnosis are best at eliminating the fear of public speaking, even public speaking phobia and other public performance phobias, like fear of acting, fear of public singing. Hypnotherapy and hypnosis are also best at improving public speaking and public performance skills, they are effective coaching tools for public speaking and public performance, as you can rehearse your performance in hypnosis to create confidence and excellence in public speaking and other public performance. The results achieved in hypnotherapy can be even extended by learning self-hypnosis.


Clients that are afraid of public speaking are very frequent guests at my busy city practice. Some are students that need to present their work in front of the class. Some are required to perform business presentations or talk at big conferences. Others are too stressed to speak at small team meetings, or even with their boss and any other figure of authority. The problem could also be with talking at dinner parties, at weddings or at family gatherings.

Quite often my clients are very shy and have low self-esteem, so part of the treatment is to boost their confidence. But sometimes the person can be confident in all life situations, but when it comes to public speaking, they completely freak out.


Very often hypnotherapy is seen as the last resource by the clients that have already completed some expensive public speaking courses, they know they can deliver the contents, they are experts in their fields and their presentations are perfectly prepared, but as soon as they become the centre of attention, they are scared and they go into the panic mode.

Why Hypnosis Is So Successful In Resolving The Fear Of Public Speaking

Hypnotherapy is the best possible solution to resolve the panic of public speaking because it uses hypnosis. The fear of public speaking is a trance-like illogical state, brought on by subconscious triggers from the past. With the help of experienced hypnotherapist you can dehypnotize yourself from illogical fears and you can also hypnotise yourself into confidence and good performance. It takes only a few hypnotherapy sessions.

How hypnotherapy will help you to master public speaking?

  • You will learn how to deal with stress

  • The hypnotherapy will find and solve the psychological cause of fear of public speaking

  • Your confidence will be boosted

  • Your perception of an audience will change from critical to extremely friendly

  • Your will be able to rehearse your performance in the hypnotic state to make sure that you can deliver the best

How many hypnotherapy sessions will you need to eliminate the fear of public speaking and master your performance?

The therapy may take on average from 5 to 6 sessions, sometimes up to 8 sessions, sometimes less. I had a client who needed only one hypnotherapy session, but this does not happen very often. And sometimes it would be enough to attend the self hypnosis workshop (see below).

Self hypnosis for public speaking

I usually teach elements of self-hypnosis in every private session. I also teach self-hypnosis in evening courses and Sunday's workshops .Self hypnosis empowers clients, so they can continue improving their public speaking skills and to deal with any new stressful situations by themselves.


It takes only a few minutes of each session for a client to learn powerful self-hypnosis techniques to stay relaxed and peaceful, and some additional methods to give themselves post hypnotic suggestions. I also teach the advanced self-hypnosis techniques which enable client to self-coach, remove unconscious blockages, increase motivation and awareness.


The advanced self hypnosis techniques for building confidence for public performance can be taught in private sessions, but the most effective way is to attend one of my Advanced Self hypnosis Workshops dedicated to improving confidence and public performance skills. During the workshop clients not only learn the techniques, but they apply them in the group situation, so it combines learning with the real life practice. It is also fun and very relaxing experience, as all the self hypnosis is.


Advanced Self Hypnosis Workshop for Confidence and Public Speaking

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Self Hypnosis

Advanced Self Hypnosis Workshop for Confidence and Public Speaking is sometimes enough to radically improve public speaking performance. Effect is immediate and long lasting, as students keep improving by practicing self-hypnosis after the workshop. However, I would recommend private sessions to deal with other issues, like depression or strong social anxiety, if they are present. The reasons for strong fear of public speaking are sometimes deeply rooted in the past and this needs to be cleared in the private sessions.


This workshop is very popular and needs to be booked a few months in advance.


You can also learn more about self-hypnosis and other powerful courses I offer on my self hypnosis website:
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