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Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis Help for Pain Management

Everybody has experienced pain, so everybody knows how it feels. But it is important to remember that pain has its purpose. It alerts you to danger. It is a signal to you that something in your body needs attention. It is essencial to our survival. However, we do not need its nagging presence once the cause is treated...

Hypnosis is a very effective means of pain removal.

Hypnosis is absolutely safe, causes no side effects and is not addictive. In the US, some of the best hospitals (such as Stanford University School of Medicine and Harvard Medical School) use hypnosis to treat patient's pain and even to perform surgery. The hypnosis is widely used by dentists in the UK and has application for pain free childbirth. Hypnosis is also very effective in treating chronic pain.

I treat both acute and chronic pain. Acute pain could be post surgery, or some accidental damage, like broken bones, burns, toothache or migraine, just to mention a few. The chronic pain could be from arthritis, cancer, spinal problems etc. All pain can be alleviated or even removed.


The pain control is achieved in two ways


  •  The instant removal of pain during the session. I usually leave some pain, but on the comfortable level. It is important that the client remains aware of his condition and for example does not attempt to run if his ankle is twisted.

  •  Client is taught self-hypnosis, so he can control his own pain as required. This is very important with chronic pain.

The success rate of pain control is very high. In fact, I did not have a client who could not be helped with pain control. Most of the chronic pain clients learn how to control pain after a few sessions. 

You need a doctor referral before the pain can be removed

Removal of pain before a correct medical advice can be very dangerous. I am not a doctor, I have only limited medical training and I cannot make a proper diagnosis. The pain can be a signal that something needs an urgent treatment. It has to be checked by your doctor. I will also ask your permission to contact your doctor if necessary, to make sure that you stay under correct medical supervision.


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