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There is much, much more I can do for you as your hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapy can help you with healing of any physical illnesses

In hypnosis you are able to use the power of your subconscious mind, the part of your mind which is closely connected with the body. You can balance the body back into the natural healthy state. You can heal, for example:


  • autoimmune disorders, like rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis

  • post surgery recovery

  • speeding up of healing of broken bones, burns etc

  • cancer (assisting with medical treatment and healing )

  • high blood pressure

  • diabetes

  • asthma

  • allergies

  • even common cold

  • in fact, everything


For healing, I use the hypnotherapy combined with Zywia Energy if require


However, before I heal any illness more serious than a common cold I need the diagnosis made by your doctor and your permission to contact the doctor. It is important that a proper medical diagnosis is made, because some conditions may require an urgent medical intervention.  



Hypnotherapy can help you to achieve all your goals:

  • study

  • work

  • sport achievements

  • improving relationships

  • improving social life

  • achieve in any field

  • motivation​

  • any goal which can be achieved by human beings


Hypnotherapy can help you to overcome:

  • phobias

  • anxiety

  • unwanted emotions

  • obsessive thoughts

  • unwanted habits, like nail biting

  • addictions (gambling, alcohol and more)

  • stress

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