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Feedback from Self Hypnosis

*Disclaimer: This page contains short feedback from emails written by clients, in their own words. Every client and every situation is unique, so result may vary from person to person


Female, 58, emotional eating

*"Issues of self-judgment and the echoing words of my past brought me such emotional pain that despite what I thought I knew on a cognitive level to 'help myself' I could not get relief or peace and this affected my eating habits and my relationships with the people I love, especially the relationship with myself!!
Joanna’s manner and instant ability to see where my pain was, and lead me gently through the path to confident and instant self-hypnosis was done within a period of less than a month – and with such good listening to my needs.
I now have the skills, knowledge and beliefs to go forward and be in the present – rather than re-hashing the past or anticipating the future. To paraphrase Joanna’s words – 'NOW is WOW'.
The relationship I have with me has improved, I am a more mindful and present eater, and my relationships with family have developed using strategies of appreciation and forgiveness.The challenge is to practice my newly accepted skills in self hypnosis as they bring me such good feelings that no drug, nor food, nor other external sources could possibly provide. The skills are in me, always were and always will be."


Male, 30

*"I am also happy to recommend Joanna as the skills she taught were not solely to be employed in her presence, but were ideas and techniques I can use and develop on my own. Also, anything I learnt in the sessions I can use for the rest of my life without having to go back for further 'top-up' sessions."


Female, 53, sleeping disorder

*"...I use the techniques for self hypnosis every day and find them useful in any stressful situation."


Male, 49, Advanced Self-hypnosis Course

*"After I completed my therapy sessions with you I was no longer experiencing anywhere near the same degree of anxiety and depression, but I was left thinking where do I go from here ?  Specifically, what do I need to do from now to ensure I don’t go through the same experience again, how can I get even better and how can I use hypnosis to improve my life in general ?  This is why I undertook the course. I needed to understand the different techniques available and to develop my own routine.
I believe the course has achieved this for me. Running it with a small group of people who have also been through therapy and are at the same level is excellent."

Female, 46, Advanced Self-hypnosis Course

*"I did enjoy the course and learnt some great new methods to use during self-hypnosis. The small group worked best – any more people would have been too intimidating."


Male, 21, Advanced Self-hypnosis Course

*"I learnt what I wanted to know about self hypnosis and have gained a lot of good knowledge that I can adapt into my own life. This has been a great experience and something that I have enjoyed thoroughly."


Female, 41, Advanced Self-hypnosis Course

*"I really enjoyed your class and everything you taught me, during our private sessions or at the advance classes. I am using self hypnosis on a regular basis and it has been very helpful, and change my life in many different ways."

Female, 51, One-Day Advanced Self-hypnosis Workshop

*"I wanted to say to you how much I enjoyed the day. At first I thought it would be too much & too long but was amazed at how informative & how quickly the day went. I especially enjoyed the practical sessions. I am slowly trying to structure hypnosis into my life everyday & although some days especially while on holidays when you feel good I have been a bit slack but today I am back to work & my plan is to make it as important as breakfast."


Female, 54, One-Day Advanced Self-hypnosis Workshop

*"I wanted to thank you for the self hypnosis workshop and to give you my feedback. I thought the workshop was very beneficial to me. I have been working more on my self hypnosis and using the techniques every day. I am finding it easier to put myself into hypnosis and I am feeling the effects of it everyday. So many techniques that I would not have known had I not done the workshop. I am using the laughter triggers for my anxiety and they seem to be helping me. I understand how important it is to practice everyday, so I am making that a part of my daily routine."


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