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About me, your hypnotherapist in Sydney - Joanna Malinowska

I am a qualified and experienced clinical hypnotherapist.  I have acquired qualifications in Hypnoanalysis, Transactional Analysis, Gestalt and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). I have the Reiki Practitioner qualifications and I have experience with the old traditional Slavic healing method. I am also a Family Constellations Facilitator, trained originally in Australia by Yildiz Sethi and then completing various training events in Australia and in Germany.


I am accredited and registered as a clinical member by the Australian Hypnotherapists Association and the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists. I am also a clinical supervisor for both organizations. I completed the training in the spiritual regression hypnotherapy and I am a Life Between Lives therapist Certified by The Newton Institute.


I enjoy my work. It gives me an enormous amount of satisfaction to be able to help people to find their potential and to overcome their issues and problems. And an even greater satisfaction that the methods I am using are so effective. Quite often the issue had affected the client for a long time, for many years, some clients say they always had this problem - yet it can be solved in a few sessions, in a safe and non invasive way.

My greatest strength as a therapist comes from many years of professional experience, the lessons I learned from thousands of clients, coming from different cultures, who shared their life experiences with me, who trusted me to open their hearts to me, who let me witness the human potential in action as they were overcoming the obstacles and making progress on their chosen path. Thank you all.

Why to choose me as your hypnotherapist?


  • Because you want to overcome your issues and achieve your goals. It makes sense to choose an experienced and skilful professional who helped thousands of others.  


  • I am a hypnotherapist and I am an powerful hypnotist. The hypnotic state makes the therapy very effective. Hypnosis relaxes and opens the doors for a skilful hypnotherapist to help the client to make the positive lasting change.


  • My approach to the therapy is eclectic. It means that I am trained in various techniques and therapies. I will use the one which is most suitable and effective for your specific personality and your needs.


  • I practise the Client Centred Therapy. My role as a therapist is to help you to find and utilize your full potential.  I see your potential and I trust it from the very first time we meet. It is different from the common medical model, where the doctor tells you what your problem is and what to do. Every person is unique. My clients have an active role in the therapy and the therapy is tailored exactly to their needs. This is empowering.


  • I am a self-hypnosis teacher and I teach active self-hypnosis. You will be able to use it  not only to relax and to have a good night sleep, but also to deal with the future issues and to achieve your other goals.

When I work with clients, I am able to use not only my professional knowledge and experience, but also years of rich personal experience.  There are professions when the age gives the advantage, and hypnotherapy is one of them. I've learnt self-hypnosis in my late teens and I was always using it for myself and for helping others.  Yet in my life, before committing myself fully to hypnotherapy, I had a handful of professions. I have master's degree in science, I worked as a high school teacher, I had a successful career in IT. I am a Mother and together with my husband we've raised three wonderful young people. I was born in the totalitarian regime and I had my little part in the underground peaceful freedom movement. And much, much more, just the life, full of events, sometimes traumatic.


I am dedicated to providing outstanding, the most effective, professional and caring support for my clients to guide them with compassion and understanding into the power of their own mind to help them overcome their suffering, find their talents, achieve their goals and realize their unlimited potential.

Skills and Qualifications

Professional Memberships

• Master Degree in Science

• Diploma in Hypnotherapy & Counceling

• Certificate IV in Clinical Hypnotherapy

• Family Constellations Facilitator

• Life Between Lives Therapists Certified by TNI

Other qualifications and skills in techniques which are very effective in hypnosis

  • hynoalanlitical techniques

  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

  • Gestalt

  • TA (Transactional Analysis)

  • Energy Healing

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