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Feedback from Hypnotherapy for Confidence, Study & Motivation

*Disclaimer: This page contains short feedback from emails written by clients, in their own words. Every client and every situation is unique, so result may vary from person to person


Male, 48, fatigue, self doubt, anxiety for study and exams

*"This is my last year of my masters and I am submitting an assignment the following week. However on a positive note, I have really been enjoying my study and am enthusiastic , not procrastinating and not stressing. therefore thank you very much, for all your help"


Female, 30, anxiety, self doubt, procrastination related to study and exams

*"Thank you for the session last Wednesday – since this day I really feel I have achieved a lot and come a long way! The study started well on Wednesday night – I started going through the chapters and reading the summary’s and I am feeling a lot more confident in my study direction. Each day now I am achieving more! I have being practicing self hypnosis in the morning and evening and I am loving it – thank you!"


Female, 40, low self confidence in work situations
*"I have had a very challenging yet great week - presentation went quite well and with great confidence, I used the stepping into the circle in my mind when I had to speak so was really good.
I would like to acknowledge the change I have felt in myself over the past few weeks - my Self Confidence is increasing and I am confidently sharing my opinion, my work colleagues have also noticed my increased contribution to the team. I find sitting quietly and applying the Self -Hypnosis technique that you shared with me a very powerful tool - helps me focus on the challenges ahead.
 Joanna you have changed me from constantly having self doubt to someone who now walks with head held high and proud of the person that I truly am."


Male, 42, low self confidence

*"When I first met up with you I wasn’t sure what to expect or even if you could help me. Once we had a discussion you told me that after five sessions all would be fine. I still wasn’t sure that this was possible.
I am 42 have a great wife three great children and a great life. Something was missing – and it was self confidence. You managed somehow to talk it through with me while under hypnosis. The result has been great with everything including Business Family and communicating with people. I now feel much more confident about myself and find it easier to do things that I thought I couldn’t do or have enough confidence to do.
I will defiantly be referring you to any family or friend that I see in the position that I was in. I look forward to perhaps making an appointment with you in the future and just relaxing once again in the magic chair of yours."


Female, 50, social anxiety

*"And again thank you....I heard from the company I am talking to/negotiating with on the work opportunity last night and it seems all is now moving forward to the next step there too!!! I've been focused and cofident.

I love the sessions I have with you, as I think that session by session you are facilitating me gradually breaking down the hold my mind has on my body and thoughts and enabling me to come more and more from my heart and inner knowing..."


Female, 30, low confidence, anxiety and blushing

*"Thank you very much for the session.  The interview went ok.  I managed to answer all the questions and didn’t really stumble once, or start stressing about going red.  There were a few answers that I felt I didn’t have full answers too so I don’t really know how I went in terms of getting the job(s), but I survived the interview.  There have been some other situations where I think this time a couple of weeks ago I would have been becoming very anxious, but this time didn’t."


Female, 43, anxiety and low self-esteem

*"...I can tell you that it really moved things for me.
Today was amazing because my father told me that "I have such a lovely daughter" and he was telling me a story of when I was little and he just felt so sad when mum and me and my brother went overseas. He said that he was like a lost soul and he didn't know what to do with himself. I've never heard him say that story with such love and deep affection and softness before.  A true victory! Thank you so much." (Joanna's comment: when we change we notice love around us; when we do not accept ourselves, we see other people criticizing and judging us. And more important, when our heart is opened, it opens the hearts of others)
"Also, I just felt freer to express myself with my boyfriend as well, and told him how I felt about the money issue etc and although I might have been too forceful, at least I found the courage to speak my truth.
Today in yoga class, i found myself talking to God and asking to express the creativity that God has given to me. That was a totally new experience as I felt I was really speaking to the  God within me and not just praying to  some external God.  So thank you again."

Male, 27, anxiety and low confidence

*"Joanna, thanks a lot for your help and understanding over the past few months, i came to u with problems and now i feel confident that i can handle them. The self-hypnosis method is one practice that i can see myself using for a long time."


Female, 53, stress and low confidence

*"The good results have lasted well and I am able to relax more easily now. I feel a lot less stressed.
My confidence stayed high and I am using the techniques you taught me.
I was successful with one of my job applications recently and will start my new job in a week."


Male, 27, self-belief

*"this is what i wanted, but it seemed so overwhelming that i needed time to adjust, there is no other choice than to take it and i enjoy it greatly; as u can see it is quite spontaneous my writing, still experiencing very intensively what is happening to me"
"but, as I'm thinking about hypnosis it is not design to produce miracles, i think it worked so well, because i made a lot of conscientious work before and i knew what i wanted and hypnosis gave me the focus i needed"
"it gave me what i wanted and also brought things up, that i've always was afraid to face, but i see it's the way to go, i was actually aware it may happen"


Female, 31, low confidence and anxiety
*"I would just like to say thank you for helping me with my anxiety. You have helped me firstly identify what has been holding me back with the underlying family problems which caused my anxiety. Through the hypnotherapy sessions I feel this has been cleared and I am now able to focus on developing myself more positively and creating more positive relationships with my family and others. In last night's session I appreciate the positive affirmations you gave me regarding my dancing and I feel for the time being this is what I need. I will definitely practice my own relaxation and self hypnosis at home and I will be in contact in the future when I would like to develop this further. Thank you again for helping me so much in overcoming this obstacle for me. I am very surprised at how quickly I have been able to move beyond this issue to a much happier place."

Female, 28, needed confidence for career change, low self-esteem, emotional eating; feedback 6 moths after her therapy

*"I just thought I would write to you to give an update on how things are going. I started my new job in January. Since I have started this new job, I love it. Of course I still have good and bad days, but there really is never a day I hate going to work (...)
I no longer worry too much about my weight, which is such a relief, I try to focus more on being healthy (...)
I have been on a few dates with different guys, but no one really special. But I think when the time is right, I will meet someone very special!
I have become a different person since I have seen you, I am more positive and don't put myself down all the time, i have a different perspective on life and it has helped me to feel at ease. I know I have thanked you before but I wanted to thank you again, so thank you for all your kindness and understanding."


Female, 25, fatigue, self doubt, procrastination related to study and exams

*"I had terrible fatigue and suffered from procrastination and self doubt in my ability, which has always held me back in the past. Being a mature age student, self doubt and getting back into the swing of studying was really difficult. I came to the end of first semester and was held down by my fears, and with exams coming up, I realized I needed to try something, anything!
I started searching on the net for methods to help me balance my work and study life, i came across Joanna's website and thought I'd give it a go. I saw Joanna one week before my exams and she took me through the study hypnosis sessions as quick as she could in time for my exams. I remember going into my exams and feeling an awesome calmness, I got through it with great ease and was pleasantly surprised to find out I actually did very well.
Because of my success with Joanna, I decided to carry on with the hypnosis sessions- to clear out all other baggage I held, and am now living a very beautiful and successful life. Hypnosis is a very powerful tool and Joanna is a great teacher and practitioner."


Male, 17, anxiety and extreme stress related to study and exams

*"I'm doing well and my self hypnosis is going well also. I try to do it at least twice every day and have found a lot of improvements in my studying techniques as well as I am now more concentrated on the work that is set for me. I almost enjoy my exams that get over soon. I was so calm on exam yesterday that I was laughing at my questions."


Female, 36, anxiety related to study and exams

*"I have found my calling as this is the first time in my life that I actually feel such joy at studying and going to work. There is so much to look forward to this year. And finally, I am enjoying study like I have never before in my life thanks to you and our work together… thank you for helping me find my wings"


Female, 24, depression and related fatigue, lack of motivation, impossible to concentrate

*" the way, thank you so much for your help. Hypnotherapy has helped a great deal. At first, I was skeptical, but I decided to go ahead with it because I couldn't move on with my life without carrying emotional pain. Now I'm happy to move on with my life, my past memories are not as vivid and I can concentrate more on my studies."



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