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Clients Feedback About Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy

*Disclaimer: This page contains short feedback from emails written by clients, in their own words. Every client and every situation is unique, so result may vary from person to person


Male, 26, smoking 15 cigarettes a day and even more on social situations

*"It has been approximately a month now and I am still not smoking and have not had a cigarette since our last session. The best part is that I have not felt like having one either and view myself now as a non-smoker."

Female, 28, smoking 15 cigarettes a day for 12 years, especially in social situations and with alcohol
*"At first I was a little skeptical about whether I could be hypnotized, but it ended up being an easy and relaxing experience.  I felt as though I was being helped to really utilize the strength of my mind to quit smoking.  Its truly amazing, after trying everything from patches, cold turkey, gum etc, this is the only thing that has helped me stop smoking, and stay a non-smoker.  And now I feel great!"


Male, 39, smoking 10 cigarettes a day, more when stressed, high stress and anxiety

*"I saw Joanna to try hypnotherapy as a means to quit smoking. As I am from interstate and due to time pressure I initially undertook the single session therapy. I successfully quit smoking but only for about six weeks and then resumed due to other emotional issues. However my smoking was much reduced by this time.
After three months I was able to see Joanna again for a second session and after this I am so happy to say that I have finally quit smoking. Although it has only been a short time as I write this - I cannot explain the feeling that I have that I know I will not smoke again. It is hard to explain.
Initially I thought I may not be a suitable candidate for hypnosis though unlike some other people I was never fearful of hypnotherapy. Any reservations that I initially had were totally absolved by Joanna's excellent rapport and chair-side manner. Importantly to me she was non-judgmental as I was really embarrassed about my smoking. Her empathy was remarkable. I found her to be truly caring about one's well-being not only with regards
to quitting smoking but in a more holistic way. She is very clear about getting to the root cause of the problem unlike other practitioners I have seen.
Even though the main issue was smoking cessation, after the two sessions, I ended up having
remarkable therapeutic benefits in a couple of other mental and emotional issues which were the cause of my smoking, which was really good!"


Female, 34, smoking 25 cigarettes a day for 18 years, high stress and anxiety

*"I wanted hypnosis to help me quit smoking, but you are so thorough and professional we did extra work to help with my anxiety. I am now a non-smoking, anxiety free person! I really had no idea your sessions would have such a positive impact on my life. Thank you."


Male, 40, smoking 25 cigarettes a day

*“I was quite skeptical that hypnosis could work for me but Joanna’s logical and matter of fact approach, and her realistic assessments of what one can achieve made good sense. Most importantly, her skill with hypnosis produced quite remarkable results very quickly and made giving up smoking almost too easy.  I still use techniques for self hypnosis I learnt from Joanna on a regular basis and not only do I find these exercises enjoyable and relaxing, I also have adapted them to deal with other issues and situations in my personal and business life to great benefit. I am keen to further develop these skills in the future” 


Male, 27, smoking 30 cigarettes a day, anxiety

*"I was certain I was a smoker for life but I am ecstatic to say that 10 months down the track I have remained the non-smoker you helped me to become. I have now bought a house which is something I never could have afforded to do if I continued to smoke 30 cigarettes a day. My 11 month old son knows me only as a non smoker and I am more relaxed and confident. It still amazes me how well Hypnosis worked and how much easier it was than I expected.
You and hypnosis has helped me greatly, my anxiety has reduced tremendously and I am a lot more relaxed, positive and confident. I have been promoted to manager at work."


Male, 42, smoking 15 cigarettes a day, stress

*"Life is going very well, thank you. Not thought about smoking for 9 ½ weeks now. Fabulously easy. I have been a little naughty by not following up with the self hypnosis but I am intending to use it."


Female, 33, smoking 10 cigarettes a day, high stress

*"I have been struggling for years to quit smoking, I have tried patches, chewy gum, losengers, nicaquit, nicablock, nicabrevan, zyban and cold turkey, hypnotism  was my last alternative. Although I wanted to quit when stress and habits came along the addiction took over and I ended up having a cigarette. But I feel so free now, the addiction now is gone. When feeling lost I automatically think of other things to do and when I do them it satisfied me when in the past they would not and the addiction would take over.  I knew for me it was the habit more than the nicotine so that was the hardest because unless I never went home  or to work or look after my children  it was impossible to not face. Also the depression and side effects was so unbearable but since I have no addiction there are no cravings or feelings of loosing my best friend.(..)  My only regret is that I didn’t go to you sooner."


Female, 28, smoking 10 cigarettes a day for 10 years, sleep disorder

*"I was desperate to quit smoking and had heard mixed feedback both positive and negative regarding using hypnotherapy to help remove the cravings. I am happy to say that I have remained smoke free and due to hypnotherapy did not get any cravings to smoke when I first gave up the cigarettes. It's amazing. I have friends who attempt to quit using Nicotine Replacement Therapy and always seem to go back to smoking, especially if they have a few drinks on the weekend.  I am a happy and relieved non smoker and recommend hypnotherapy to anyone considering giving up!"


Female, 34, smoking 10-20 cigarettes a day, high stress and sleep disorder

*"I would just like to thank you for all your help in quitting smoking, it was a great experience that I really enjoyed and on top of that it made quitting so much easier.  I had already decided that I was determined to stop but with your help it made it a breeze and I got lots of other things out of the therapy like help with sleeping and stress levels at work.  All in all I feel so much happier and healthier and know that there is no looking back now."


Male, 40, smoking 25 cigarettes a day for 26 years, underlying anxiety and depression

*"I’m feeling good and enjoying life as a non-smoker I Would love to give you some feedback from our secessions…
I’m so glad I made the decision to visit you and undergo hypnosis, not only did I stop smoking, I also recovered from anxiety and depression. I was a little apprehensive because I knew I would have to face the anxiety and depression, but I’m so glad I did, I wish I had done it years ago.
I love being a non-smoker, I’m eating better and exercising more, breathing is so much easier.
I find the self hypnosis exercise you taught are a wonderful tool for relaxation and dealing with other areas of life."


Female, 24, smoking 10 - 15 cigarettes a day during week and 20 - 30 cigarettes a day on weekends.

*"After several attempts in the past to quit, I finally feel like a massive weight is off my shoulders; I can proudly say I have not touched a cigarette since the quitting session. It has been easy to become a non-smoker, I don't even miss cigarettes. It is hard to explain, but even if I acknowledge a situation where I would normally have a cigarette and am
thinking about it, I have absolutely no desire to light up. My biggest challenge was social situations when drinking and smoking seem to go hand in hand, but with a targeted approach on this issue during the last session from Joanna, I have found this easy too. In fact hangovers are actually manageable, when you haven't smoked a pack and half the night before!!!"


Male, 38, was smoking for 22 years, 15-20 cigarettes a day
*"I can happily say I have not had a cigarette since the final session.
I continue to use the relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques and I am much happier now, I deal with all these situations and emails at work very well.
Thank you very much for your help."


Female, 32, smoking for 11 years, 10-25 cigarettes a day (weekend the worst)

*"I feel clean and in control. The best thing is that I do not need to hide from my son anymore. I did not smoke at all since our last session. And I am more relaxed, I still do the little self-hypnosis sessions almost each night".


Male, 51, was smoking for 35 years, up to 100 cigarettes a day
*"Thank you for all your help for me to become a non-smoker.  Thanks to you it was much easier than I thought and I wish I had  tried it many years ago. I have told my smoking friends about you and I hope that they also try to give up."


Male, 29, "compulsive smoker" (his description)

*"I was really happy with the hypnosis sessions I did with you.  I got a lot out of them.  Apart from quitting smoking, I've also learnt to relax so much more using the self-hypnosis technique you taught me.  I find that I'm far less stressed and can focus for much longer than I could previously.  I also stopped taking my ADHD medication when I started seeing you and haven't even felt the need to take it since."


Male, 27, smoking for 10 years, 20 a day (more on weekends with beer)

 *"I could not explain it to my mates. I don’t smoke and it is normal. I thought that when I quit I will need chewing gum and I’ve got a lot, but I forgot about it. It is not important.  I already feel fit, I can run and I am going to the gym now. Even when I go out I do not think about smoking and the beer tastes better."

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