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Hypnotherapy to Stop Sugar Addiction

I am an experienced hypnotherapist and I can use different psychotherapy approaches and hypnosis together to help my clients  overcome their sugar addiction in a few hypnotherapy sessions. And what is more important, the whole process of change is enjoyable and empowering. No more struggles, no "weight loss pills" with dangerous side effects.

This is an unexpected joyful surprise to all my clients who stop sugar addiction with hypnosis. They do not miss it, because when in hypnosis they use the power of their own mind to find and implement better ways to feel good. They simply do not need sweets anymore. And they are guided to connect with the body and let it make all the changes necessary to balance itself. Healthy eating and natural enthusiasm for exercise naturally follows.

What Is Sugar Addiction

The sugar addiction is a recent new term. It refers to an intense craving for sweets or high-sugar-content foods, it may be overwhelming, and it is similar to any other addiction. Sometimes it is considered to be even more difficult to overcome than other addictions, because your body needs some sugar and you cannot completely stop eating it, while you can stop drinking alcohol, smoking or taking recreational drugs.

What are the most important aspects of sugar addiction and how can we do it together during your hypnotherapy treatment to make you completely free from it?

The Addictive Nature of Sugar Itself

 When absorbed into your body, sugar triggers the release of dopamine in your brain. This neurotransmitter is responsible for feelings of pleasure and satisfaction, which makes you want more sugar to experience these positive feelings again.

It may be tricky with any other therapy, but it can be very easily resolved with hypnosis. There are many ways to trigger your dopamine production, and also other hormones responsible for feeling of bliss and well-being, but most of them are addictive too. The best and less invasive is the state of hypnosis itself. And then we can use the hypnotic state to replace the sugar hikes with much better ways of making yourself feel good. You do not need any dangerous chemicals, medically approved or not, no hocus-pocus magical or "scientific" methods.

Metabolic Imbalance Caused by Excessively Consumption of Sugar

Excessive consumption of sugar overwhelms your system. Your body needs sugar in your blood, but too much or too low sugar level is dangerous. Body regulates your blood sugar with insulin and maintains the balance, so a big spike in your blood sugar promotes a big spike in the insulin level. Sugar drops rapidly, you are hungry, if you eat more sugar, you repeat the cycle, your body loses balance. It may lead to metabolic syndrome and obesity, resulting in conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

​It may seem very difficult, because when you create such imbalance in the body it is difficult to balance it back. Of course, if you stopped eating sweets and lost weight, your body would balance itself, but it would need a lot of effort and self-control, as it takes time. The medical solution is to administer "wonder pills", which will probably help, but the side effects can be dangerous, especially mental side effects, especially if you already experience anxiety and depression. But even happy people can become restless, anxious, start experiencing "brain fog" or lack of energy etc, depending on the medicine used. There could also be very serious physical health side effects, which are less likely to be missed by your doctor. If you prefer to use any weight control medicine, don't buy it online, you may risk your life, do it only under medical supervision.

But why would you risk your health and suffer other side effects for a temporary solution? Because when you stop your pill, you are more than likely to slip again into the same boat, unless you change the way you eat and you start to exercise.

How Hypnotherapy Will Help You to Recconect with Your Body and Stop the Imbalance

When you are in a hypnotic trance you are using the whole power of your mind, conscious and subconscious. The subconscious mind is the part of the mind which controls all of the body's functions. In hypnosis you are connected with the body and you can use the subconscious mind to stop metabolic imbalance. 

We will make your body use energy from body fat (body converts it to sugar first), body will make you hungry less (only when it needs nutrients), body will make you crave nutritious food. As the result, you will feel energetic, you will enjoy the movement and exercise

Psychological Addiction to Sugar

These are most often the original reasons people have the urge to eat sweets even if they are not hungry. Reasons can be different for everybody, and you can talk about that forever with a psychologist, because the reasons work on a subconscious level, they usually can come from very early childhood or some past trauma.

And this is exactly why it can be resolved easily with hypnosis, because hypnosis works on the subconscious level.

Automatic Habit of Reaching for Sweets in Particular Situations

This is not really an addiction, but if we do it for years, it becomes imprinted on a subconscious level, and it requires a lot of effort to break it in a normal way. Habits are difficult to overcome in a conscious way, but when you are in hypnosis it is very easy, as you are accessing your whole mind, conscious and subconscious.

How many hypnotherapy sessions will you need?

My Standard Package of three one hour hypnotherapy sessions is sufficient to overcome sugar addiction and to balance body metabolics. The standard program consists of the initial 30 minutes FREE consultation, followed by three one-hour sessions, total investment of $750.

Sometimes sugar addiction is only the tip if the iceberg and it is part of obesity or eating disorder, accompanied by depression or anxiety, excessive weight is the result of depression, anxiety, strong body and food obsession or even past trauma. When there is an overwhelming emotional disturbance, strong stress, anger and tension or very low self-confidence, apathy and helplessness you will need a few more sessions to deal with psychological problems too.


I can help you to completely resolve emotional issues caused by all past experiences, including the most traumatic past events, and you will need only a few more sessions for that. It is also possible to learn to deal differently with current situations, even the most difficult and overwhelming, so you will not need to turn to food for comfort and emotional release.


This will be a life changing experience which you probably cannot even imagine now, because it is difficult to imagine the peaceful, content, blissful state of mind when you are in a deep dark emotional hole.


The extended program can be bought separately per session or in three session’s blocks. There are also longer hypnotherapy sessions available, as it may be more beneficial to resolve deep trauma or a complex emotional disorder in one longer session. The longer sessions are also more cost effective. (you can check my fees here)


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