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Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis for Therapy, Healing and Growth

Hypnotherapy Explained

Hypnotherapy is the therapy performed in the hypnosis. The hypnotherapy combines counselling,  psychotherapy and hypnosis together. In my practice, I am using a broad range of therapy, based on  behavioural, cognitive, psychodynamic, humanistic and spiritual approach.

 About Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a natural state. You probably have been in hypnosis many times without knowing it. It happens to everybody, children and adults, in every day life and on special occasions.

About Self-hypnosis.

Self-hypnosis is the most effective and empowering natural self help method. I enjoy teaching self-hypnosis so much that I run a specialized Self-hypnosis Centre  to teach an instant self-hypnosis method and advanced self-hypnosis techniques in private sessions and small classes. Teaching is mostly practical,  applied to the particular situations presented by the clients. The results are immediate. You will deal with your current issues and achieve your current goals while learning how to do it for yourself in the future situations. Self-hypnosis is also one of the best coaching tools, as it allows to train and rehearse in hypnotic state, mastering the skills to perfection.

Spiritual Regression, or "Life Between Lives" Hypnotherapy

Life Between Lives technique, founded by Dr. Michael Newton, offers you an opportunity to experience a trance-induced "superconscious" state of awareness that brings a deep sense of love, compassion and an understanding of your life purpose

Articles about Hypnotherapy by Joanna Malinowska

A selection of my articles about various applications of hypnotherapy. Those articles represent my own approach to the theraputic process in general and to hypnotherapy and hypnosis in particular. I voice here my own opinions, based on years of experience and witnessing  the miracles performed by clients.

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