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Feedback from Family Constellations Workshops

*Disclaimer: This page contains short feedback from emails written by clients, in their own words. Every client and every situation is unique, so result may vary from person to person


Client, 50, had own constellation in the workshop and attended self-hypnosis workshop

*"Just wanted to say thanks for the last 2 workshops they have been very healing and enlightening. The Family Constellation gave me a opportunity for closure in a area which I never thought I could resolve, for that I thank you.
The Self hypnosis gave me tools to continue my healing and give me back my control over my happiness and destiny."

Client, late 40's, had own constellation in the workshop

*"I just wanted to say thank you very much for all your friendly disposition expressed in my constellation. I have no words to thank you for what you've done for me, the truth is that my soul has been healing and I nod to my destiny with respect."


Client, early 40's, had own constellation in the workshop

*"I was waiting some weeks for to write about of the Family Constellation workshop. I feel really changes, now I am calm, happy and I feel really well. This workshop gave me the opportunity for to grow and to take resolutions that a lot time before I couldn't make. I am sure that for this work made, I have now my space in this country. In addition, my relationships now are more authentic and  genuine. I don't feel fear to the life and every night when I go to bed I think in my ancestors,  my parents and my daughter. I honor them and say them thanks for the gift of life. 
My experience about of the Family Constellation workshop was beautiful. The interaction with other participants made possible that I understand  my own Constellation.
I think that if the persons could know the constellation power they don't think it a second and they do it.
About you...You are really an excellent facilitator, sensitive, respectful with each of the participants. And only I can say.. Thank you very much Joanna"


Client, age 38, had own constellation in the workshop

*"Just going to the workshop was a big step for me as being part of a ‘group’ scenario is a little uncomfortable for me especially when showing emotion in front of others, but I felt incredibly empowered afterwards and a great sense of self worth and that it was ’ok’ to be a person that feels and can express that.
My Partner also came as support for me, I was quite anxious about him attending as I wasn’t sure I would be able to relax with him there this was also part of my fear of being emotional especially in front of him but it was the best thing we have ever done together.  I cannot begin to tell you how close we felt afterwards and even now I feel that our relationship has developed a new beginning. It was a really wonderful thing to be part of and I would fully recommend it.  And I also made a new friend out of it too."


Client, age 52, had own constellation in the workshop

*"Thank you for the workshop. I found it - and am finding it- a powerful experience. It was different from any other sort of therapy or analysis or workshop I have done. It worked at another level/s. While it was confronting at times, I felt safe during it, and enjoyed your clear  and and respectful facilitation. It was good working in the group and it felt quite natural, which I hadn't expected. The energy in it and in us was extraordinary and how quickly it was established.  

I felt comfortable with the values and method. I learnt  from others constellations as well as from my own, even if I am not able to put it into words. I was struck by the generosity and readiness of others to be present in demanding roles.  Listening to our bodies, trusting our instincts and trying not just to say what we think is expected, looking at basic human truths and separating other people's stuff from our own was challenging and good. At the  end of the workshop I felt clear and strong,  and tired.
Since then I have felt more 'present' than usual, with a open, rising feeling in my chest. Also a bit tired, a little emotional, a little irritable at times, occasionally on the edge of a few tears, a bit stronger and assertive and  at times  almost fearless.  I can feel in my body and energetically that I have had a powerful experience and it still working through me.
I feel very fortunate to have done the workshop with you. Thank you again." 


Client, age 43, had own constellation in the workshop

*"My experience of the Family Constellations workshop was fascinating. I was amazed by the process and the level of feelings that were felt, both physical and emotional when playing a support person for the other participants. During my own Constellation I became more aware of issues that had been affecting me which I had either been consciously ignoring or downplaying or unconsciously blocking out. The overall feeling I experienced after the Constellation was calmness. I haven’t felt any particularly strong feelings since, but I am still experiencing the calmness. I feel as though I am not “carrying” so much around, I can focus more on myself. I certainly consider this a worthwhile exercise to experience."


Client, age 21, had own constellation in the workshop

"The workshop was amazing and I was deeply satisfied with how it went. Thank you so much for the experience. You were very in tune with everyone and knew exactly how to solve the issues that presented themselves during the sessions. I was exhausted yesterday ( I still am). I figure I still need to process it all in my mind. I feel there has been some change, within myself. I feel I have more self respect and I don't feel I need to prove myself to others so much."


Client, age 21, had own constellation in the workshop

*"To be honest I really had no idea what to expect from the Family Constellations workshop and I was very nervous on the morning but I kept and open mind. The people who attended were all good people, with common aim of trying to better themselves and find an inner peace and happiness I guess? There was a strong sense of support and respect for each other in the group. 
It's nearly a week since I did the family Constellations workshop, it was a very powerful experience. My mother who I am very close to said she has really noticed how much calmer I am and she noticed it right away. I think there are many reasons for doing a Family Constellations Workshop and next time there is something I need to work through I will definitely consider this to help me.
I am so glad that I found Joanna on the internet a few weeks ago and that I made an appointment and followed through with it. I think Joanna has a gift, she is an intuitive, caring and strong woman and I instantly felt I could trust her, which is very rare for me. I now feel strong enough to face a difficult issue in my life and I know I will be OK whatever the outcome. By no means do I think I’m fully healed but I’m well on the way and actually excited about my future."


Client, age 35, had own constellation in the workshop

*"The family workshop was great, having other people working on my issues is a great way explaining on what I'm actually holding in deep down and it feel’s refreshing in a way letting things not worry me as much, I can notice a change in myself not bothering what others are thinking of me which is weird but very good. My eating issues are a lot better"


Client, about 35, had own constellation in the workshop

*"I just wanted to say thank you for the workshop. I have to say that I was very surprised how it works but I know that I wasn’t isolated in my opinion. I am still thinking about what a wonderful day it was! The next day I felt so great. It was like heavy weights had been lifted from my shoulders. The Family Constellations workshop has penetrated and illuminated the interior of the issue it also clarified the core issue itself. During a Constellation, and for days following, I've sensed gradual, subtle understandings surfacing to my consciousness. The therapy is very gentle and very intense at the same time, and it works from the inside-out.  

Thank you very much for your knowledge and your guidance."


Client, 37, had own constellation in the workshop

*"I noticed immediately a shift with the workshop, especially towards my mother and with my relationship with my husband. I have felt much calmer and more loving.  My husband has been relating to me in a much more gentle way as well.  My Mother commented that I am being much more loving towards her, which I am sure is a result of the work I am doing with you and the Family Constellation. Thank you for the work that you are doing and the healing that you are facilitating. Its wonderful."

Client, 23, had own constellation in the workshop

"At first I was a little apprehensive about the whole idea of the FC workshop, I guess I didn't really understand how it was going to work. However, as soon as we started the first constellation I immediately felt how the participant was feeling, even though i did not really know anything about her. It was actually a quite bizarre but really amazing experience. It is one of those things that you cant really explain to someone, they have to experience it for themselves. By the end of the day i felt like I had dealt with many unresolved feelings and it made me feel calm and much more understanding of not only my feelings and behaviors but also my family
I have definitely noticed positive changes within my family dynamics since participating in the FC workshop and I would definitely recommend it!"


Client, early 40s, had own constellation in the workshop

*"I feel better after the FC workshop, in that I seemed more lucid in my thinking, and able to think much more clearly... I believe that there has been in definite improvement in my future outlook, general mood and "vibration" as a result of having participated in FC workshop. I like to think of my experiences in the FC workshop as having given a "spiritual blood transfusion"... The FC workshop seems to have awakened the means for seeing the past in a new light, through the lens of experiences I had in the workshop. It seems like the past does not matter so much, as there is only now. Everything is happening only now... And what matters is what I choose to do now"


Client, young, participant / representative / taking roles for other people’s constellations

*"It was a privilege to be part of your workshop. Despite having some prior experience I went there with an open mind and without expecting anything and I was very glad that I made the two-hour trip. I was fortunate to take part of several constellations and I am happy to have contributed in some way towards the healing and well-being of those involved. Thank you and all participants for their trust and courage to share a part of themselves. 

Although I did not have a constellation for myself I was still able to gain insight and clarity about several of my own personal issues that were evoked during the day in several constellations."


Client, age 45, participant / representative / taking roles for other people’s constellations

*"The Family Constellation workshop was an great experience for me. Not easy because a lot energy was moving between us. I am sure that to have been part of this workshop will give me my space in the life(...)  The participants were very important for me and I felt one part of them inside me. About you...You were an excellent facilitator in this work.  I hope to see you  next time."


Client, age 60, participant / representative / taking roles for other people’s constellations

*"I just wanted to thank you again for giving me the opportunity to take part in yesterday’s Constellation workshop. I found the technique to be an extremely effective to those who had constellations done. My personal experience throughout the workshop was one of amazement as I felt the energy of the roles I took on. I also noted a profound change occurring in the constellation subjects. Although very effective, I found the technique to be a little emotionally and physically draining as a participant. Over all I want to say a very big and sincere congratulations to you for your part in facilitating the workshop. You really did create a great environment where people could open up freely and comfortably."


Client, age 60, participant / representative / taking roles for other people’s constellations

*"Thank you for yesterday. I feel very privileged to have been part of your workshop. How interesting it all is and what 'stuff' comes up. And very brave of the people with their constellations to enter into the process. The emotions are often just waiting to brim over the top. I hope you are OK today and not too tired. It must be exhausting as you are formulating the questions and assisting the participants to get in touch with the energy and then ensuring that everyone is safe. Well done.

The room was an ideal size for that number and I think it worked very well indeed."


Client, young, participant / representative / taking roles for other people’s constellations

*"I found your workshop to be a wonderful experience. I felt very privileged to be a part of it and to be in a few different constellations. It was amazing to feel the physical and emotional sensations in each role.  I felt in very safe hands at all times, and I love how you facilitate out of such an open heart, and with such sensitivity as well as strength. I felt a great sense of connectedness and belonging afterwards, and I look forward to coming to another workshop with you again."

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