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Hypnotherapy for Effective Study and Stress Free Exams

Hypnotherapy is a perfect way to assist you with your study. Hypnosis is probably the most productive way by which you can help your brain to learn information and to recall it when you need to. The hypnotic state itself is a state of deep concentration and focus, exactly what is needed for learning.
I am not only a professional hypnotherapist, I am a former math teacher and a software engineer. Through my whole life I was using advanced study skills and I was teaching them my students. I always loved to motivate and teach and I know how to infect you with confidence and etusiasm for study. I even offer the free consultation, so you can meet me, explain you issues and ask your questions before we start the therapy.

How hypnotherapy will help you with study and exams?

  • You will learn how to deal with stress and anxiety, so you will stay calm and focused during your exams

  • With hypnotherapy you will maximize your motivation for study. This will be done by making study interesting or even exciting and making the results and benefits of studying more compelling.

  • Your confidence and self-esteem will be boosted, so you will believe and you will be proud of your abilities, very keen to use them

  • You will be able to concentrate and focus, so it will be easier to fully understand what you learn

  • You will be taught techniques to increase you memory

  • You will learn the new skills and techniques for effective studies

  • You will discover and implement your own strategies for time management, so you will be able to enjoy other activities too.

How many hypnotherapy sessions will you need? 

Even one hypnotherapy  session will be beneficial to increase motivation or to help with the stress and anxiety before the exams. For all the benefits, it is good to have three or even more sessions. 


I would recommend more hypnotherapy sessions if the confidence and self-belief is very low, or if the anxiety is very high. Very often we have problems with study and memory not because we do not know how to study or we do not have skills to read and learn, and obviously not because we are not intelligent enough. Most often the reason is depression or anxiety, very often connected with very low self confidence and self belief. If this is the case, it is important to deal with those issues first.


Surprisingly, with hypnotherapy even the long lasting depression and anxiety can be completely solved, and even if you were always feeling "not good enough" you can change it and feel strong and confident. For more information, see pages on depression, confidence and stress.


Sometimes it would be enough to attend the self hypnosis workshop (see below)

Self hypnosis for study and exams, private sessions & workshops 

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Self Hypnosis

I usually teach elements of self hypnosis in every private session. I also teach self-hypnosis in evening courses and Sunday's workshops. Self hypnosis empowers clients, so they can continue improving their studying skills and to deal with any new stressful situations by themselves.


The fastest way to improve your studying skills and learn to overcome the exam anxiety is to enrol into  Advanced Self hypnosis Workshop For Study an Exams. The course combines one-on-one private hypnotherapy sessions with the full day small group workshop. One private session is enough to learn basic self-hypnosis. After practicing self-hypnosis for about a week you will be ready for a workshop, where you will learn and became efficient in advanced self-hypnosis techniques to stay confident, motivated and focused on your study. You will also learn special techniques for improved comprehension, fast reading and increased memory. The advanced course offers more advanced hypnotherapy techniques, because the students are already fluent in using basic self hypnosis. Effect is immediate and long lasting, as students keep improving by practicing self-hypnosis after the workshop. However, I would recommend private sessions to deal with other issues, like depression or anxiety, if they are present.


I also offer beginners level self hypnosis workshops for study and exams. No private hypnotherapy sessions are required before or after the workshop. Students learn the  application of self hypnosis for study and exams, dealing with stress, applying hypnotic suggestions for confidence and motivation.

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