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Hypnotherapy for Stress Management and Relaxation

There are two types of stress eustress (positive stress or challenge) and distress ("negative stress" or overload). Positive stress is the amount of stress which makes the life interesting, while negative stress could be a killer. Stress is perceived in a very subjective way - what is a challenge for Mary could be a very strong distress for John. In the following paragraphs all references to "stress" apply to the negative stress.

Stress and health

Chronic stress can seriously affect health and even kill. It can be a major contributing factor in heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and other diseases. It can lower the immune system,  making the body susceptible to infections. It can also cause immediate physical symptoms, like headache or migraine, nausea, vomiting, indigestion, diarrhea, pain, tightness in neck and back muscles and many other.


Stress affects the mental health and can lead to depression, anxiety attacks, insomnia, anger outburst, sexual dysfunctions, addictions, eating disorders, just naming the few.


Stress and hypnosis

Hypnosis is a perfect tool to achieve the full body and mind relaxation, which is the opposite to stress. The most common technique for inducing and deepening hypnosis is relaxation and the level of relaxation which can be achieved during hypnosis is so high that it is not comparable with any other techniques.

How hypnotherapy can help you with stress

Hypnotherapy offers more then simple hypnosis or relaxation techniques. My approach differs from the standard stress relieve programs because it uses a personally tailored hypnotherapy.  Simple hypnosis, for example the hypnosis CD or a personal relaxing session of hypnosis works miracles and it will make you feel great. However, with a skilled clinical hypnotherapist  you will do much more:


  • Hypnotherapy will help you to identify the sources of stress

  • It will help you to modify your old behaviours and beliefs, so you will be much less affected by the external factors and other people

  • It will help you to find your own resources to identify the coping mechanisms

  • It will help you to implement these coping mechanisms

  • It will help you to overcome the long lasting effects of stress, like insomnia or migraine

  • It can change your perceptions, so the negative stress may become a desired challenge

Self hypnosis and stress reduction

Learning self hypnosis is the best preparation to cope with unexpected stress in the future. This way you will be always able to relax and greatly reduce the stress level. And with some training you will be also able to give yourself the suggestions to change the stress into a challenge or to implement solutions. Please read more about self hypnosis from my self hypnosis page.

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