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Free Hypnosis Audio by Joanna Malinowska

This is my free gift to everybody to relax, calm your mind and wipe away stress and anxiety in a few days. I recorded those hypnosis audios during COVID19 pandemic when everybody was stressed and overwhelmed. Now as I am writing these words, on the 1st September 2020, the pandemic is still in full swing, but I know that sooner or later it will be over and my records will stay.

During the Sydney’s lockdown, I could not see any clients in person. Many of my clients become so worrying and anxious that they could not cope. I recorded the Hypnotic Mindfulness Series for them, to provide support during the challenging times. The records were met with very strong positive, even enthusiastic feedback, and this is why I decided to publish them on YouTube and offer free to everybody.

So please enjoy.  You will become mindful and peaceful. There are also very pleasant side effects. You will be sleeping like a baby at night, and you will transform. Not that boring as “mindfulness meditation” and much more effective.

You need to listen to Hypnotic Mindfulness Series in order, step by step, as each record builds on the skills and experiences from the previous one.

Please remember that listening to the audio cannot replace the private hypnotherapy sessions. It helps a lot, and it will make everybody feel better, but if you are in a big mental distress, if there are deep issues or some specific important goal, you will save a lot of time and misery if you book a private session, because every issue can be resolved.

 Hypnotic Mindfulness Series Playlist:
Hypnotic Mindfulness Series
Videos. Please listen in this order
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