The Fees and Payments Methods.

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30 minutes consultation


1 hour hypnotherapy session


Cost effective solution to speed up results.

1.5 hour hypnotherapy session


Allows to resolve the roots of problem in one session

2 hour hypnotherapy session


The package is recommended for Quit Smoking, Weight Loss. Money saving solution for most other issues.

STANDARD PACKAGE - Three 1 hour sessions (payable at the end of first session)


The package is recommended for clients who enjoy luxury in life and who are keen to reach their goals faster.

LUXURY Package - Three 1.5 hour sessions (payable at the end of first session)


Past Life Regression (2 hour sessions).


A special half day session which can be booked only after contacting Joanna

Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression


Past Lives and Life Between Lives Package (2 days)


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All the above prices include GST.

The payment is required at the end of each session.
The payment methods are cash, EFTPOS or credit card (Visa or Master).


Some health insurance providers cover hypnotherapy, at the moment there are over 25 of them. Please check with your health insurance provider. The hypnotherapy is becoming accepted by the medical professionals, so more health providers are prepared to extend their cover.


 I offer significant discounts in some situations, when the therapy is really needed and the client is experiencing financial difficulties. I asses the client during the initial consultation.