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Hypnotherapy to Overcome the Fear of Flying

Are you ready to free yourself from the crippling fear of flying? How is the fear of flying affecting your life? How is it limiting your freedom?


  • Does the fear of flying prevent you from visiting your family and friends?

  • Does the fear of flying stop you from enjoying great holidays?

  • Are the business trips a nightmare?

  • Do you push yourself into the plane and spend the whole flight tense and absolutely on the edge, even if you had some numbing pills?

  • Do you start feeling anxious and terrified as soon as you start planning your flights?

  • Do you shiver and feel the heart thumping even when you think about flying?

  • Have you experienced a panic attack during the flight? Are you terrified of another one?

  • Is your career in danger, because your fear of flying is so strong that you cannot fly at all?

  • Is your partner travelling alone, as you cannot enjoy your holidays together?

  • Perhaps you still travel, stressed through the whole holidays, because even if you are on the beach, you cannot stop thinking about the return trip?

Do you know that with the help of a skilful hypnotherapist you can free yourself from the fear of flying in just a few hypnotherapy sessions?


Hypnotherapy is the most effective tool for solving phobias, and especially the fear of flying. It doesn’t matter how extreme is your fear and for how long you were suffering, it will dissolve in just a few sessions. The success rate of my clients is almost 100%. Almost every client is overcoming the fear and flying. Most of the clients just enjoy their flights.  Sometimes there is a little of nervousness left, but at the manageable level.


Like every phobia, the fear of flying usually has some cause in the past and once it is solved in hypnosis, the fear goes. Sometimes it is something related to flying. In this situation, usually two - three sessions are enough. Sometimes the fear of flying is the secondary fear and there are other primary phobias, like fear of heights, or claustrophobia, or some deeply rooted anxiety which grows over time and is triggered again by some changes in your life. In this case there is a bit more digging required and dealing with all those fears and anxieties; but the benefit is also much bigger, because all those fears will clear up, leaving you free and relaxed.


I also teach the powerful relaxation techniques and self hypnosis, so you will be able to relax quickly in every situation in the future. This way you will keep extending you new freedom, achieving other goals. Self hypnosis and the ability to relax are very valued by all my clients who overcome the fear of flying.

My Unique Three Sessions Freedom from Fear of Flying Package

My standard Freedom from Fear of Flying Package consists of the initial 30 minutes FREE consultation, followed by three one-hour sessions.


This unique three-sessions package is suitable for most clients, even when the phobia of flying is extreme and long lasting. The program is individually tailored for the specific needs of each client, as everybody has different reasons for their fear of flying.


The first session is to learn hypnosis and experience the blissful state of total relaxation. Then the special hypnotherapy techniques are applied to ease the past fears and to bring back the forgotten resilience and strength. Once this is done, we turn to the future and clients start building confidence for the future flights in the safe sanctuary of my clinic. The outcome of the first session is a lasting relaxation and a significant decrease of phobia.

In the second session the focus is on more extreme cause of fears, like for example turbulence. The outcome of the second session is very surprising for the clients, as even fear of turbulence dissolves and they start feeling confidence and excitement about their future travels.

In the third session clients learn my instant self-hypnosis technique which can be applied in any situation to release stress, tiredness etc. Clients practice this technique to perfection to perfection and we build a routine of relaxed, enjoyable future flights. 

In most cases, the phobia is completely resolved in those three sessions, sometimes a very low-level anxiety remains, but it can be easily managed with self-hypnosis. Sometimes, when there is a very strong general anxiety, the client may need a few more sessions, but the outcome is usually even better, as the general anxiety can be resolved too.



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