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Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy is the Most Effective Way to Stop Smoking

Hypnotherapy, therapy performed in hypnosis, is the smartest and easiest way to stop smoking and has incredible success rate. More than just quit smoking, it removes the habit of smoking for complete smoking cessation, it helps to remove the psychological reasons for smoking, so you will stop addiction and you will become a real non-smoker. It is important to check the hypnotherapist skills and experience to make sure that psychological reasons for smoking are eliminated.

Why to use hypnotherapy to quit smoking?

Because it works! Have you tried to stop smoking? The average ex-smoker tries to stop seven times before he succeeds. If he succeeds.
Hypnotherapy is the smartest way to stop smoking. It has incredible success rate - far more than with any other method. It is also simple, convenient and pleasant. You will enjoy your relaxing sessions. And as result, you can became a real non-smoker.

What it does mean to be a real non-smoker? It means no need to smoke again:
  • No withdrawal symptoms.
  • No physical or psychological cravings.
  • No patches, pills and gums. They in fact contain nicotine and reinforce addiction instead of stopping it.
  • No risky medication like Chantix, Zyban or Champix
You can check here the results of some research done on effectivnes of hypnosis for quit smoking.


The results of the research vary from study to study, because the only common demonimator in those research is use of hypnosis. Hypnotherapy is more than hypnosis, as it combines psychotherapy and counselling with hypnosis, so results depend on methods and therapy used in hypnosis.

How can I help you with hypnotherapy to quit smoking?

  1. I can help you to decide to stop smoking. It may be that you feel guilty about smoking and you know you would like to quit, but somehow you cannot make a decision.

  2. Hypnotherapy can boost your motivation. Motivation is the most important part of any achievement.

  3. It can help you to find your own way of quitting, the option which your subconscious mind will accept and support.

  4. With hypnotherapy you can diminish the withdrawal symptoms. For this the hypnosis is the most powerful tool.

  5. It can become free from cravings (the urge or desire to smoke).

  6. Hypnotherapy can help you to remove the habit of smoking, the automatic reaching for ciggaretes in some situations. Often the quitting smoker successfully manages to handle the carvings and withdrawal symptoms, and then some old learned habit (like a night out with friends) will make him smoke again.

  7. You can become a true non-smoker, and as a true non-smoker you will not even think about smoking.

  8. Hypnotherapy can help to avoid the unwanted weight gain and any other unwanted effects of quitting smoking (like gaining another addiction)

  9. Hypnotherapy can help you to remain a non-smoker.

  10. I will teach you active self-hypnosis, the powerful tool to relax, sleep well and achieve goals which you will be able to use by yourself.

Is it true that a severe phobia can be treated in one session?

Why clients come to see me even if they could not quit smoking with other hypnotists?

Addiction to nicotine is most often both psychological and physical. The physical addiction is easier to overcome, and the standard medical approach can be used, for example medication decreasing the addiction or physical pleasure from smoking. However, with strong desire to quit, the physical addiction is not that difficult to overcome. Very often it can be done by the client without any therapy, or if somebody chooses comfort to struggle, in just one hypnosis session.  


Hypnosis is a very powerful technique for quit smoking, it is relaxing, pleasant, allows to increase the motivation and reinforce the logical reasons for being healthy, fit and free. When client is motivated and ready to become a non-smoker, one session of simple hypnosis will be very effective, and when combined with basic hypnotic techniques like NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) hypnosis can create success for most clients.


Habit of smoking is sometimes more difficult to overcome than physical addiction. When somebody smokes for many years, very often from early teens, the habit of smoking becomes very deeply rooted, and it seems to be the part of the person. There is this automatic reaching out for cigarette with a cup of coffee, when having a drink, after a meal, chatting over the phone or driving a car (especially on red light). It is possible to work out all the situations which lead to smoking and become very aware of yourself, watching yourself all the time and consciously stopping yourself when the habit kicks. Sometimes clients choose to introduce some new habit instead of the old one, for example chewing the gum. But sometimes the new unwanted habit forms, like excessive eating of sweets.


It is much easier to overcome habit of smoking with hypnosis, because habits operate on the subconscious level. In most situations, this can be done in one session or even with hypnosis CD. However, it may not prevent the formation of unwanted habits, like overeating. A qualified clinical hypnotherapist would assist you to use your own resources to remove/replace habit of smoking safely. In my opinion for this to happen there are at least two sessions needed, because after quitting smoking and not smoking for a week the new habits can be detected and corrected.


I can also help you to overcome the psychological addiction to smoking. The psychological addiction cannot be helped with the medical approach, medical approach usually treats only the physical addiction. The psychological addiction is usually deeply rooted in the past, or has reasons in insecurity, or general anxiety, or very strong stress levels, just naming the few. Sometimes clients call cigarettes "their only friends" or even their identity is connected with smoking. Hypnotherapy offers the best solutions for dissolving the psychological addiction. You can talk about you psychological addiction with a psychologist for long time, but when you want to solve it, you better see an experienced and well trained hypnotherapist.


I can also help you to overcome other reasons why quitting smoking may be difficult, like anxiety or depression. I can help you to deal with difficult current situation, emotional issues or overwhelming stress so you will not need the help of cigarettes. In this case, your therapy will take a few more sessions, because we will address other issues first so quitting smoking will be much easier.


My unique three hypnotherapy sessions quit smoking program $650.00

Over years I've developed a unique, three sessions quit smoking program, suitable for most of the smokers. The program uses hypnotherapy, not just simple hypnosis, so it is tailored for the specific needs of each client, as everybody has different reasons to smoke and to quit.


The standard quit smoking program consists of initial 30 minutes FREE consultation, followed by three one-hour sessions. The first session is to prepare for quitting smoking, to boost the motivation, to learn how to relax, how to deal with current stress.  The client quits in the second session, and the last one is to make the changes permanent and to learn how to deal with special situations (like a night out).

The sessions are usually 3 to 7 days apart.


Almost every client who qualifies for the standard there sessions quit smoking program stops smoking successfully after the second session.

Why I recommend three hypnotherapy sessions for quit smoking


The most difficult to overcome is a psychological addiction to smoking. The most common psychological reason for smoking is just dealing with stress or difficult situations. Most smokers automatically reach for cigarettes when stressed. This is why I use the first session to teach relaxation and methods to deal with stress. Sometimes there are other deep rooted psychological reasons to smoke. They could be very personal; I had a client who smoked because his beloved older brother, who died in car accident in his early twenties introduced him to cigarettes and on the subconscious level smoking was his connection to his brother. The other client's parents separated when she was three years old. Her subconscious mind has connected the smell of cigarettes with her early memories of her father, when he was caring and loving. For another client smoking when a teenager was a rebellious act against her controlling mother, so smoking was making her feel strong and independent. Sometimes people smoke because they are so afraid of smoking, so guilty of smoking that they are absolutely obsessive and it makes them smoke even more. It may seem ridiculous, but the subconscious mind has very specific ways to deal with anxiety, so when you are very afraid of smoking, it plays on your mind and you smoke more in result, becoming even more anxious.


I strongly believe that it is very important to clear the psychological reasons for smoking before or just after quitting. Especially it is very important to learn to deal with stress and anxiety and any strong emotional issues. Smoking, like most other addictions, is a successful coping mechanism in those cases and when removed the other coping mechanism may form. Very often it is excessive eating and weight gain, it could be even compulsive eating and bulimia (especially if there was some tendency already). Sometimes it could be more drinking or some compulsions, especially if there is anxiety present. It is also easier to start smoking again if the psychological reasons for smoking remain. For example, if somebody was smoking as a way to cope with relationship issues, the person is very likely to start smoking again even years later if there are similar relationship issues with somebody else, unless the original issue is cleared on the subconscious level.


The three sessions program is enough for most clients to completely remove smoking habit and addiction, both physical and psychological, and to learn new skills to replace the benefits of smoking, if any. The time between the sessions allows to notice any additional help or reinforcements needed. Sometimes it may be cravings in particular situation, sometimes it could be that the pattern of smoking is different during weekend. And it is generally easier to stay a week without cigarettes if you know that next week all the difficulties will be addressed.


The short quit smoking program $360.00

This is a special program for clients who have to quit in one single session. The program consists of one two-hour hypnotherapy session.


This program is made for clients who live outside Sydney and travel takes a long time. The clients need to be already very motivated.


I would recommend it for the clients who already stopped smoking and need some reinforcement, because they feel cravings or withdrawal symptoms.

The extended hypnotherapy program $220.00 per session

Sometimes smoking has some benefits. For example, it may be a way to deal with stress or anxiety, or even depression. Smoking is deadly for your health, but so is stress. If you are depressed or anxious, quitting smoking can be extremely difficult and even dangerous. In this situation it is beneficial to use hypnotherapy first to reduce stress and to deal with other problems before quitting smoking.


It is quite common that people decide to quit smoking in some difficult life situations, like broken relationship or feeling very low and depressed. They reason that they will feel better when they quit smoking, because they will be back in control. This is the truth, it works very well, it really boosts self esteem when you are in control of your habits. It also makes you feel great physically, and you can start physical exercise, as you are more fit, so you feel even better, because the physical exercise makes the body produce endorphins, natural antidepressants. However, if the smoking was the only way to make you feel good, the only pleasure in the black hole of depression, it is almost impossible to stop, you will try and fail, feeling guilty and even more depressed. It is really essential to deal with the issues first, and hypnotherapy will help you to get out of the black hole of depression and to find new pleasures before you give up smoking.


In the situation when the client is under very high level of stress, or there  are some other problems, like anxiety or depression, I recommend 5 to 6 hypnotherapy sessions, after the initial 30 minutes free consultation. I usually use the first 2 or 3 session to deal with the stress and anxiety, then one session to prepare for quitting smoking, client quits on the next session and the last one or two sessions are to reinforce the changes and to make them permanent. Major depression or strong anxiety may need a few more hypnotherapy sessions.


Now, see how extraordinary is this approach. It could be that you were struggling with anxiety and depression for many years, and did it even occured to you that you can let it go in just a few weeks? I know that it is difficult to imagine for you, like for most of my depressed clients when they see me for the first time. And yet this is what they do and then everything becomes easy, even becoming a non-smoker.

How to prepare yourself for the first hypnotherapy session?

It is important that you understand your own smoking.


  1. First make a list of reasons why you want to stop smoking. Write the reasons that are important to you, from the most important to the least important. You may lookup for the clues, but make sure that you have your own reasons

  2.  Recognize the patterns of your smoking. Find out at what time you are most likely to smoke, what situation and what feelings make you smoke. When do you smoke most? Are there any situations when you automatically reach out for the cigarette? You may keep a smoking record for about a week, just recording each time you had a cigarette and why.

  3.  Think why do you smoke. Is it a social pressure, stress, pleasure, habit, addiction? Anything else?


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