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Our Cancellation Policy and What if You Come Late for the Session

Our cancellation policy


  •  If you have to cancel a session, make sure that you do it at least 24 hours in advance. This way we will be able to reschedule the session and we will not have to charge you.

  • If you cancel the session within less than the 24 hours or you do not come to the session, you will be charged a full payment.

  • If you cancel the free initial consultation less than 24 hours before it was scheduled or you do not come to the consultation, there is no payment, as the consultation was free. You just lose your free consultation. You can still book another initial consultation (this time paying a full fee) or we can have our chat at the beginning of your first hypnotherapy session (the money saving tip is to book 1.5 session).

  • If the therapist will need to reschedule the session within 24 hours, the rescheduled session will be free.


What if you come late for the session


If you come late, the session will be shorter and you will be charged the full fee. We are usually fully booked - and it means that we must keep up with the schedule. This way we do not keep our clients waiting. 

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