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Energy Healing

What is energy healing?

The Energy Healing is based on the belief of existence of the universal life-force energy, the energy which is natural and abundant in the universe, absorbed and emitted by all life forms. This energy has been known for thousands of years in many cultures. There are various healing systems based on this universal life-force energy, present everywhere.


  • in Chinese it is called chi and it is utilized in QiGong, the ancient healing system which is over 2000 years old

  • in Japanese it is called Ki; all the Reiki systems are based on this energy

  •  in Greek pneuma

  •  in Hebrew ruah, or breath of life

  •  in Sanskrit (ancient Indian) prana and it is used in Pranic Healing

  • in old Slavic it is called zywia

  • for Christians this energy comes from the Holy Ghost or the God himself

  • in science, it is E=mc2 (in the simplified version)

Some of the energy healing systems have very complex beliefs associated with this life-force and very detailed rules how the healing should be performed. However, all these systems do work, people are healed both physically and mentally.

Zywia energy healing

Zywia is the name of the life-force energy in old Slavic. It is also the name of the old Slavic goddess of healing. I have chosen this name because I am Polish so my roots are Slavic. I was also exposed to the old Polish folk healing, which is simply performed by placing hands on somebody's head.


I've chosen the name Zywia to distance myself  from other energy healing schools. Not because I think any of them are wrong. It is because I do not know and I do not want to judge what is wrong and what is right. It is possible that all the schools are right, because all of them have results. I simply use the energy for healing and it works. 

How Zywia Energy healing is performed

Most often, Zywia Energy Healing is performed in hypnosis. During the hypnotic session, I place my hands over the top of the client's head, touching it very lightly, the way it is performed in the traditional Polish folk healing. The client usually experiences warmth coming from my hands, often with some vibrations on the skin of the head, going through all the muscles of the body.

Most of the clients also feel being filled inside with the light, which may have different colours. All these sensations are very pleasant and relaxing. The universal energy is very powerful, but also very gentle. Everybody absorbs just as much of it as he requires, but never too much. It is like filling a glass with a water - if there is too much water, it will just overflow.


The procedure takes usually a few minutes. The client knows when he's received enough energy and he will signal it to me with a slight head movement. I then place my hands on the soles of the client's feet so the energy will balance itself. This is usually experienced by clients as a very strong warmth and vibrations and it takes another minute or two.


Sometimes, according to the client's needs, there may be a slight change to the routine, for example I may for a moment hold my hands over other areas of client's body; but usually the energy balances itself and it is absorbed where it is required. 

Why Zywia Energy Healing is performed in hypnosis?

There is a very strong reason. In the hypnosis, the client can achieve the maximum focus required to absorb the energy. Also, the client will concentrate on the part of the body where the energy is needed. The client's unconscious mind will be able to direct the body to utilize the energy better and quicker. This way the healing process will be very rapid and effective. 

Reiki energy

All the Reiki schools of energy healing have their roots from Dr Mikao Usui, who in the early 1900s is believed to rediscover the ancient healing method by 21 days of fasting and mediation. Reiki is taught by Masters to students, so over the years many branches evolved, with sometimes simple, sometimes quite complex rules explaining the life-force energy and how it can be used for healing. All the Reiki schools believe that the life-force energy comes from the Creator or God and it can be used only for the good.


I have the Reiki Practitioner degree from one of the Reiki systems. I was taught by very dedicated teachers, full of good will, and I also saw and experienced Reiki myself, so I know it works and I am grateful for their teachings. From Reiki, I love Reiki principles, which were introduced by Dr Usui. Translated for modern times, they are:


  • Just for today, I am happy and free

  • Just for today, I am full of joy

  • Today I am grateful for my many blessings

  • Today I am taken care of

  • Today I will work honestly and with my full heart

  • Today I am full of respect and love to my fellow humans and to every living creature

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