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Hypnotherapy Help for Insomnia and Sleep Disorders

More and more people cannot have a good night sleep. It is very important for good health, performance at work, study, and general wellbeing. There are many sleep disorders:


  • agrypniaphobia (fear of not falling asleep)

  • insomnia (not being able to sleep enough)

  • interrupted sleep (waking up frequently)

  • nightmares

  • sleep walking

And there is one very good treatment for sleeping problems. Hypnosis.

Hypnosis is the most successful and the less invasive way to treat sleep problems. Remember - Hypnos was a Greek god of sleep.

 There could be many reasons for sleep disorders:

  • depression - depressed people often sleep too much or too little

  • anxiety

  • worries

  • unwanted thoughts

  • fears and memories from the past

  • high level of stress

  • chronic pain

  • traumatic event

  • broken relationship

  • grief


And many more.

Hypnotherapy helps to resolve the underlying reasons of sleeping disorders

Hypnotherapy is very helpful in treating all of the above issues. Interestingly, very often the first very significant improvement for people seeing me for other conditions is better sleep. This usually happens even after the first session, because the relaxation techniques I teach in hypnosis lead naturally to the state similar to sleeping, and it is sometimes even difficult not to fall asleep when doing it at home. However, for lasting improvement it is important to treat the underlying issues and reasons for insomnia. It usually requires only a few hypnotherapy sessions.


Even simple hypnosis and relaxation can help to sleep well, especially as you can learn to deal with stress and relax yourself. However, to resolve the serious reasons of sleeping disorder requires advanced hypnotherapy skills, because it is most often caused by some past trauma and fears. The experienced professional can help you leave to it in the past, so it will not be causing worries and fears about the future.

Hypnotherapy helps to resolve even long lasting sleeping disorders

Sometimes a bit more digging is required, and this would be if the sleeping disorder is or appears to be the only issue. Sometimes this is the case; it could be that we had some sleeping problems in the past, like noisy neighbours, we could not sleep for a few weeks because of that and perhaps it was also a difficult time for us (exams or first days at new job). We were so stressed about not being able to sleep, so stressed that we are not having enough sleep in this stressful situation, that stressing out about sleep became a habit, even when the neighbours moved out. Habits are working on the subconscious level, and during hypnotherapy they can be very easily reformed.


Sometimes it may be beneficial for the client to have insomnia. It may seem ridiculous, because why somebody would like to suffer this way? But there are times when we are in very difficult life situations, and worrying about sleep, about not having enough energy or being sick protects us from other more difficult emotions. Usually the client is not aware of this protection mechanism. The solution here is to find some other ways to cope; sometimes even awareness itself is enough. This is done in hypnotherapy, first by reaching the subconscious mind to find the real issues and then by using client's internal resources to find and implement solutions to deal with them differently.

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