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Self Hypnosis - The Most Effective and Empowering Self Help Method

Real, active self hypnosis is the most effective and empowering natural self help method.  This is when you enter the hypnotic state by yourself and to use that alerted state of consciousness to achieve your goals. It is completely different from listening to “self hypnosis” audios; this is you using your own natural power.  You can learn the instant self-hypnosis method in just one session. I enjoy teaching self hypnosis so much that I run a specialized self hypnosis website


Self hypnosis is self help. It is when you put yourself into hypnotic trance and then go deeper and deeper into that alerted state of consciousness, when you will be extremely receptive to suggestions. And you give the suggestions to yourself or perform some other more advanced techniques.


When you listen to hypnosis CD, you just relax and let somebody's voice lead you. In most cases you just listen to somebody's suggestions, and yes, you learn to relax, and perhaps it helps you to deal with the particular issue it says it helps, but this is all. Very rarely CDs or books will teach you to access instantly the hypnotic state, and if they do, it takes long time to learn it. In hypnotherapy, you can do it in one session.

When I teach self hypnosis, it is not only to access nice relaxed state, but to be able to put yourself instantly into the hypnotic trance and , what is most important, to use this hypnotic state in any situation you need it. You learn how to do it yourself, how to access your resources and to utilize them. So for example, you can use the hypnotic state when playing golf, and later on if you want to became and amateur actor you may adapt it for performing on the stage, and if you ever twist your ankle it will be for pain relief (but you still need to see a doctor to cure it). You will be able to apply it to most cases in the future, when life will be challenging you. And you will keep growing,

Why would you need self hypnosis?

Self hypnosis may be very useful in many situations. It is very useful to learn it, because:


  • You may use it as the reinforcement of the hypnotherapy session. This way you will need less sessions to achieve your goal

  • You may need to relax in a stressful situation

  • You may want to improve your focus and other study skills

  • You may use it to boost your motivation

  • You may want to increase your concentration during important work or at study

  • You can have a boost of self-confidence any time you need it

  • You can use it for self-healing

  • You can induce a good night sleep

  • ... and so on, and so on

How can you learn self hypnosis?

Everybody is born with a talent for self hypnosis. However, like every talent, this talent needs to be developed by exercise. The best way to learn self hypnosis is from the hypnotic state. When you are in the hypnotic state, you are given suggestions how to do it yourself. Then you do it under the guidance of the therapist, to make sure you understand every step.


At each hypnotherapy session you learn more. Firstly you just learn to relax, then you learn to induce the deep hypnotic state just by yourself, using one word. Later you learn how to give yourself simple suggestions, and you are given instructions needed for your particular situation.


The most important part of learning self hypnosis is to practice every day, four times a day, for 10 to 15 minutes. It may seem a lot, but it is needed only at the beginning, when you learn. You will benefit from it through your entire life.

How many sessions will you need to learn advanced self-hypnosis?

Depending on the level you want to learn, it may take 2 to 6 sessions to learn advanced self hypnosis techniques. 


You may choose to learn basics in the 1-2 individual sessions with me and then extend your skills by completing the Advanced Self Hypnosis Course or Workshop. The basic instant self hypnosis method requires the private session, because you will learn it in deep hypnotic trance, guded by an experienced hypnotherapist. After that, the small workshop is a better value for money, the class is small and fun. However, some clients prefer the private session, and both options are very effective.


I usually teach some self hypnosis in almost every session. This is essential part of any hypnotherapy process that takes longer than two sessions.


I will always teach self hypnosis for the chronic pain treatment, insomnias, weight control, quit smoking and stress management treatments. This way my treatment becomes more effective and more affordable, the client needs less sessions. It also makes clients independent in the future similar situation.

Self hypnosis Workshops

Express Intense Beginnerts Self Hypnosis Workshops are the beginners level self hypnosis workshops. No previous experience in hypnosis is required. Students experience hypnosis, relax, have fun and learn the instant self hypnosis technique.


One Day Beginners Self Hypnosis Workshops are the beginners level specialized self hypnosis workshops. No previous experience in hypnosis is required. Students learn the instant self hypnosis technique and basic applications of self hypnosis for specialized purpose (study, public speaking, stress management)


Advanced Self hypnosis Workshops combine private hypnotherapy sessions with the group practical workshop. Students learn the instant self hypnosis technique in private sessions before the workshop. Workshops cover advanced hypnotherapy techniques. My former clients or students who completed the beginners class and have mastered the instant self hypnosis technique are enligible to enroll for the group workshop withot the need to complete a private session.


Advanced Self hypnosis Evening Course - The advanced course is for my former clients who are already using self hypnosis for some time and want to learn more advanced techniques. The course is run for 4 weeks once a week in 1.5 hour sessions.


All the workshops and self hypnosis classes are described in details on

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