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Hypnotherapy for Strong Confidence and Self-esteem

Hypnotherapy and hypnosis helps build confidence and strong self-esteem,  positive self-image; the authentic self-confidence, calm, peaceful, deeply rooted within ourselves. Hypnotherapy and hypnosis are best at eliminating insecurity, low self-esteem, and feeling of not good enough.


Hypnotherapy and hypnosis offers best tools for coaching the new confident behaviour, boosting self confidence, rehearsing confidence and strong else-esteem. The results achieved in hypnotherapy can be even extended by learning self hypnosis (see )  

Aspects of confidence and self-esteem

There are two aspects of our self-concept (the way we see ourselves). Our confidence is connected to both of them.

One of these aspects is our self-image. This is the descriptive part of self-concept, which concerns the way we are – tall or short, old or young, good at languages, enjoying self hypnosis and so on. 


The other aspect is self-esteem. This is the evaluative part  which judges if we are good or bad, interesting or boring, good looking or ugly, worthwhile or not. Our self-esteem is very much connected to the way other people see us. It is not necessary the way people see us, but the way we think people see us. When somebody has low self-esteem, he is very sensitive to the way other people may see and judge him.

How hypnotherapy will help you to build the strong confidence and self-esteem?

During hypnotherapy your self-image will become positive; you will see yourself differently, in better light, you will become aware of your positive aspects, like skills, gifts, even looks. This change can be significant.


There are also many ways to lift the self-esteem. Sometimes it could be just one event from our life when our self-esteem was damaged. In this case the hypnoanalytical techniques can be very beneficial. Sometimes we have low self-esteem because we have been criticized very often by the important people in our lives during childhood, like parents and teachers. During hypnotherapy this damaging influence from the past will be neutralized.


The important part of building confidence and self-esteem is coaching for the future performance. During the hypnotic session we can rehearse and improve the real life skills. Client performs the task in hypnosis, accessing the subconscious internal resources to make it better and better. After the session there is a feeling of a confident competency. It is almost like a new personality which naturally acts in a new way, it just happens automatically. I always ask clients to use the new skills as soon as possible, so in the next session we can build on the real life performance and extend skills.

Is it true that a severe phobia can be treated in one session?

How many hypnotherapy sessions will you need to build strong confidence?

The therapy will take on average from 5 to 6 sessions, when both self-image and self-esteem are affected.


Sometimes, but rarely, the client has a problem only with his self-image and his self-esteem is high. In this case even one hypnotherapy session will be beneficial, and no more than 2 or 3 sessions will be needed. And sometimes it would be enough to attend the self hypnosis workshop (see below).

Self hypnosis for Confidence and Self-Esteem

I usually teach elements of self-hypnosis in every private session. I also teach self-hypnosis in evening courses and Sunday's workshops. Self hypnosis empowers clients to continue their growth and to build confidence in different areas when new challenges present themselves in life.


It takes only a few minutes of each session for a client to learn powerful self hypnosis techniques to stay relaxed and peaceful, and some additional methods to give themselves post hypnotic suggestions. I also teach the advanced self hypnosis techniques which enable client to self-coach, remove unconscious blockages, increase motivation and awareness.


The advanced self hypnosis techniques for building confidence and strong self-esteem can be taught in private sessions, but the most effective way is to attend one of my Advanced Self hypnosis Workshops dedicated to improving confidence and public performance skills. During the workshop clients not only learn the techniques, but they apply them in the group situation, so it combines learning with the real life practice. It is also fun and very relaxing experience.


Advanced Self Hypnosis Workshop for Confidence and Public Speaking

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Advanced Self Hypnosis Workshop for Confidence and Public Speaking is sometimes enough to radically improve confidence. Effect is immediate and long lasting, as students keep improving by practicing self-hypnosis after the workshop. However, I would recommend private sessions to deal with other issues, like depression or anxiety, if they are present. The reasons for low self-esteem are sometimes deeply rooted in the past and this needs to be cleared in the private sessions.


This workshop is very popular and needs to be booked a few months in advance.


You can also learn more about self-hypnosis and other powerful courses I offer on my self-hypnosis website:
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