Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss and Natural Healthy Eating

What is the most common reason for being overweight?

Overweight people are usually simply genetically programmed to be larger than others. They receive strong "eat now" signals from their bodies and their sense of smell and taste is more developed. Overweight people were traditionally the merry, jolly types (see Father Christmas) who used to enjoy the good food and good times and not be bothered by their padded shapes.

Most often, their bodies would just stay a little larger than average. However, in our society the padded shapes are not fashionable – the TV and magazines are full of skinny models and most people expect to be the same shape. The bigger people must put up with a lot of criticism, ridicule and name calling, and they are considered to be lazy and weak-minded. This usually starts at a very early age, even from parents and close family members, and then at school during the very important teenage years when confidence and self-esteem could be seriously affected. It leads to comfort eating, and the excess weight becomes a real issue.


Excess weight and depression

Sometimes excess weight is a symptom of depression; depressed people tend to eat too much or too little. When they eat too much and they become overweight, they become even more depressed because of their looks. The vicious circle forms.


In this situation it is important to treat both depression and the underlying cause, together with the weight loss program.

Other reasons for weight problems

Very often the reason for being overweight is called comfort eating or emotional eating.


Sometimes people are overweight because their subconscious mind made such a decision to protect them. There could be many reasons for such a decision. Here are some examples:


  • The young girl was not happy with too much attention when her body started to develop. She found out that she could "hide out" by being fat.

  • A wife was not happy with the husband that was too demanding – the excess weight made her less attractive.

  • A wife wanted to stay faithful to her husband – being overweight was protecting her from flirting with other men.

  • A gay male was teased at school – being overweight made him feel big and strong.

  • A woman who was raped was protecting herself from another rape by being obese.

  • A young artist became obese when the auditions were too stressful, so he had a good excuse not to go for the auditions any more.


In the above situations, hypnotherapy will help to find the other way to have the same protection; and when this is done, the weight can be managed.

The yo-yo dieting cycle

How many times have you successfully lost weight only to gain it back or add on even more?

Yo-yo dieting, where a person repeatedly loses and regains weight over and over again, is a common vicious circle which traps many overweight people. Some people struggle with this for most of their lives.


The cycle starts with a new brilliant diet that promises to shed those unwanted kilos quickly. The diet is usually very low in calories, often followed by an extensive exercise schedule. At first, the weight rapidly goes down so it seems a great success; emotions are high. But soon the body adapts and decides that energy must be conserved, so metabolism begins to slow down. The weight loss slows down too and at the same time the diet, which is usually very restrictive, becomes too difficult to follow. Results are not so great any more, so the mood drops and the dieter starts to neglect the diet and exercise. This leads to weight gain, and with the metabolism already slower, the weight creeps up higher.


Each repeated cycle leads to strong negative emotions, which makes the weight loss more difficult. Quite often the person becomes obsessed with weight loss and dieting, so it is difficult to maintain any healthy eating habits. The associated feelings are guilt, lack of control, very low self-esteem and even depression. The circle seems to have no end.


Hypnotherapy is very effective with yo-yo dieting because it deals with the emotions first, and once the negative emotions are resolved, a new approach to weight loss of healthy eating habits, rather than dieting, can be implemented.

The health risks of being overweight

There are life-threatening illnesses that may result from obesity such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart conditions. This is particularly the case if you have the genes that make you more predisposed to these illnesses. If your close relatives had these conditions, then you need to keep your weight under control.


Before I help you to loose weight with hypnotherapy

It is best that you check your health with you doctor, especially if you are very overweight. Sometimes the excessive weight is caused by a hormonal imbalance, like an underactive thyroid gland, and you may need medical treatment.


  • You may prepare yourself by doing some research or going to a dietician to find out about healthy eating habits. I am competent in this field and I can help you, but you will save yourself money by doing your own research. I recommend the book "The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet".

  • You may keep a diary of everything you eat for a whole week. Be honest, it is for your information; it is important to know if you eat too much, but also if you try to be too restrictive.

  • I will check your weight. Our society is so brainwashed about hating fat that many skinny people think they are too fat and want to lose weight. If this is the case, then there are many ways I can help you to have a body you love, but weight loss could harm you.

How hypnotherapy can help you to loose weight?

The hypnotherapy will first find and solve the psychological reasons for being overweight, if any.

To lose weight you have to change your eating habits. Yes, I am sure you know it –you have to balance what you eat with what your body needs. Simple? Have you tried it? Hypnotherapy will make it much, much easier!


  • It will help you decide which eating plan is the best for you – hypnosis will help you access your subconscious mind and to choose the plan which you will enjoy, so it will be easy to stick with for life.

  • You will learn and implement natural eating habits in hypnosis by connecting and listening to your body on the subconscious level. Your body naturally knows when it needs food and what it needs to eat, and it will make you feel hungry and crave when and what it needs. This natural connection between the body and mind is lost in our civilisation in very early childhood.

  • It will lift your confidence and self-esteem before you even start losing weight.

  • It will boost your motivation.

  • It will help you to believe that you will achieve your goal.

  • It will help you to identify and change the patterns of overeating.

  • It will help you with your exercise plan (you will love your exercise).

  • It will maintain your weight loss. The hypnotherapy will help you change your eating habits for life, not just to stick with some diet for some time


You will learn to enjoy your food more than ever before, and without guilt. You have the gift of well-developed taste and smell, so you will learn to use your talents with pleasure and benefit your health and look.

What makes hypnotherapy for natural weight loss a better option than surgical gastric banding or hypnotic gastric banding (hypnoband or hypnobanding)?

Surgical gastric banding is a medical method of physically restricting food intake for the treatment of obesity. The medical industry advertises it widely and it has become very popular. The procedure is expensive, but it promises instant results. However, based on long term research [1], the results are not that good:


  • The long term medical risk is very high: one-in-three patients had serious complications in the seven-year period after the surgery, and one-in-five needed major surgery during this time.

  • The long term success rate is low: patients lose weight initially, but with time they find ways to overeat and the weight piles up again. According to research, the success rate is about 40% after seven years, and in this research the success means losing more than 25% of excess weight. For example, if the patient’s original weight was 120 kilos and the maximum healthy weight for this person is 70 kilos, the procedure counts as a success if the patient weighs 107 kilos. The research does not say how many patients actually lose all excess weight and stay within the healthy range.

The popularity of the surgical gastric banding led to the invention of “hypnobanding”, the virtual hypnotic gastric banding – cheaper and physically safe. However, the idea of using the power of the subconscious mind to restrict food intake by creating a gastric band is simply insane. The implementation of the virtual band uses the connection between the mind and the body to virtually deform the body and create the illusion of the physical symptoms of such deformation. How empowering is that? It may seem beneficial, but only in comparison to surgical gastric banding.

Hypnotherapy offers a much more effective and empowering solution to physical weight loss. In hypnosis, the mind connects directly with the body; in hypnosis, a person can directly ask the body to start using body fat for energy, with immediate results; in hypnosis, a person easily restores the other natural body–mind connections: natural hunger when the body needs food, natural cravings for healthy food, and the natural feeling of satisfaction when the body has had enough food. These are the natural functions of the body.

The natural connections between the body and mind can be restored by a skilled hypnotherapist in a single hypnotherapy session. The joy and freedom that comes with the implementation of natural, healthy eating accompanies the boost in energy that comes from the increased metabolic rate. It leads to natural enjoyment of physical activity. This is a natural method, restoring the way the body works, so it is implemented more simply than any virtual body deformations. Weight loss follows easily.

How exactly does hypnotherapy for natural weight loss implement natural healthy eating?

 Natural, healthy eating is when you assist nature, when you assist your body by providing it with what it really needs. This is when you are connected with your body and you listen to its needs, so you eat exactly what your body needs and how much it needs, and you do it with joy and with love, feeling your body’s satisfaction, enjoying its happy response, its playful willingness to move and to exercise, the flow of energy through its every cell. Hypnotherapy is the perfect tool to help you reconnect with your body and to implement natural eating. The weight loss follows naturally.


Please read my article  "Hypnotherapy for Natural Healthy Eating" where I explain in detail how natural eating is implemented in hypnosis and how it creates the natural weight loss.

How many hypnotherapy sessions will you need?

I recommend 5 to 6 hypnotherapy sessions for the average weight loss program. Sometimes, when you are very overweight, it is good to have an additional hypnotherapy session once a month or two until you reach your goal.


In some cases 2 or 3 sessions will be enough, but when the weight gain is caused by depression, it could be a few hypnotherapy session more to lift the depression first.


The eating habits start changing after the first hypnotherapy session. And usually after the first hypnotherapy session clients can notice a significant change in their attitude towards the weight loss program, they feel more relaxed, more motivated and more confident.


Self hypnosis Workshop for Wellbeing and Natural Eating

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Over the years I have developed a unique way of helping with weight loss on the body level, using the advantage of hypnosis for accessing the body functions like metabolic rate, physical cravings and the feeling of hunger. I am running the specialised one day self hypnosis workshops to teach these techniques.


This workshop is very popular and needs to be booked a few months in advance.


The focus in this workshop is on the practical application of the techniques for restoring natural connections between the peaceful mind and the body to create balance and wellbeing, natural, healthy eating habits and physical healing.


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