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Feedback from Hypnotherapy for Depression and Anxiety

*Disclaimer: This page contains short feedback from emails written by clients, in their own words. Every client and every situation is unique, so result may vary from person to person


Female, 28, anxiety, panic attacks

*I hope you're well, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and that 2015 will be your best year yet!

I came to see you in Pennant Hills, around Feb 2013. I was having major issues with anxiety/insecurity. It was impacting my marriage, my friendships, and my everyday life, and I was desperate to try anything which may help. You didn't hear from me again after my session, and that is because quite literally, you cured me in one session. To this day I feel as though whatever you did, was magic.

I was cured overnight, I am a different person. I think about the feelings that I used to have; all the anxiety, and fear about the future, has vanished, and I realise how ridiculous those feelings were. It consumed me for so very long. I do feel like I wasted many years suffering from this anxiety, when I could have done something to make it go away.

I can't believe I've waited until now to say thank you. I am so sorry, you changed my life in one hour, and I should have credited you long ago. Since we met, I've been head hunted by the most credible bank in my industry, I've achieved my fitness goals, and I am so much happier in my marriage and in my life all together. I have no doubt all of these achievements are a direct result of my incredibly successful session with you."

Joanna's comment: The first session is ussually very powerful and enough for some clients, but usually a few more sessions are needed to make the good results lasting



Male, late 60, depression, anxiety, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

*"Thank you very much for treating me regarding my deep and long seated problems, especially alcohol dependence, anxiety, depression, and PTSD issues. I admit I was somewhat skeptical about the value of hypnotherapy in general, however your professional, calm, empathetic and genuinely concerned approach, immediately had me feeling relaxed and confident n your undoubted ability and experience.
You have shown me that the power of ones mind is incredibly strong and consequently there has been a great improvement in my self-confidence and general approach to life. I can now look forward to a more worthwhile and happier future."


Female, 35, social anxiety and panic attacks

*"Just wanted to send you an email to say “thank you so much” for your help and letting you know how I am going. As you know for the last two years I have been suffering from anxiety with symptoms such as blushing, mild stuttering when i talk to people, a fluttering in my chest and a constant knot in a my stomach. I was getting anxious every time I had to pick up my children from school and would often come home in tears. I often turned down social invitations and rarely spoke out in a group environment.
However after four sessions with you I am no longer suffering from anxiety. You have given me back my life and I am feeling like my old self again.
I am so much more light hearted and now have to ability to laugh again. I am definitely enjoying life more and just feel more confident. You have put my old demons to bed and I feel like the baggage I had been carrying around with me for the past three decades has somehow disappeared. The best part is that I feel like my relationship with my husband and children has been strengthened and I just feel so much closer and connected to them.
And because I am feeling happier and more confident - I am finding that other people are responding well to me as well.
For so long I had a racket going on that “people didn’t like me” and now for the first time in years I can see that this just isn’t true.
I no longer waste my time worrying about such ridiculous thoughts.
I am so grateful to you for giving me back my life. I can not thank you enough for your therapy sessions and would definitely recommend your treatment to anyone who wants to get their life back on track again."


Female, 36, depression, anxiety

*"On my first visit with Joanna I was feeling depressed, I had a very low self esteem, finding it difficult to imagine that anyone could possibly like me let alone love me. After a few visits and many tears, Joanna helped me get to the core of my problems and helped me to simplify things, peeling away the unnecessary junk I was carrying.  
I have gradually been feeling stronger and calmer, the constant anxiousness that I was feeling is fading away. I notice straight away if the anxiousness is creeping in and I can calm myself. My outlook is much more positive and I feel more in touch with myself and more connected to other people.
Most importantly I am starting to like and maybe even love myself, not only that but I’m starting to see that there are actually other people in my life who also and have always loved me for who I am. Joanna helped me to see more clearly and prioritize things in my life."


Female, 27, depression and emotional eating

*"I think I will be fine. I seem to be seeing more results as the days go on.
I am very happy. I know that the feeling that I will see the results grow more and more!!"


Female, 53, depression and anxiety
*"Your treatment I had early in the year has been a great help with the depression and anxiety,  and I have hardly had any reoccurrence,  which has allowed me to  move forward in a lot of areas of my personal and business life.
I am in a really good place now because of your help and feel it  is the right time to really focus on the weight loss as I have worked through so many other issues that was holding me back."

Female, 36, panic attacks, anxiety

*"I cannot thank you enough for helping me to enjoy life once again. When I first came to see you, I thought we were supposed to worry in life and you taught me this is not the case. Thank you for helping me to recognize that I was suffering from anxiety and for helping me to overcome this. I can now see that, prior to my course of hypnotherapy with you, my fears kept me hostage and prevented me from truly enjoying life. My outlook in life has completely changed throughout the course of six sessions with you and is so positive once again. Hypnotherapy is very powerful and, for me, the results have been very empowering! I feel so free, happy and confident."


Female, 33, anxiety, tension headaches, teeth grinding

*"I came to see Joanna initially to deal with my anxiety, tension and feeling upset about things to do with my past. I wasn't sure what to expect but I wanted to try hypnotherapy. I went to the first session in tears and by the last session I almost skipped out, felt like a different person.
Joanna gave me some techniques to practice and use every day, which means that the feeling of calmness has stayed with me.
I'm still not sure exactly how hypnotherapy works, all I know is that it does work. It's powerful and I found that things that have bothered me since childhood I can now laugh about and seem very small and not a big deal. I had six sessions and the effect got stronger each time I went and would increase throughout the week.
I also had a couple of unexpected things happen - I gave up smoking of my own accord and have found myself exercising more and generally looking after myself better, even though we didn't directly work on these. Joanna removed any nicotine pangs in my last session and since then I have had no cravings or even a desire for a cigarette. In fact, I went to a party on Saturday night somewhere where I would always be standing with the smokers) and wasn't even tempted."


Male, 30, anxiety attacks and unwanted thoughts

*"After just a handful of sessions, combined with practicing certain techniques in my own time, I am confident that I have achieved what I went to Joanna to do. I now believe positive, fundamental changes in everyday thinking can occur subconsciously after hypnotherapy - this is something I wouldn't have believed possible before.
Hypnotherapy was ideal for me as I was able to change a negative aspect of my life without the use of anything other than my own mind and Joanna's carefully-timed prompts, suggestions and ideas. Joanna helped me to help myself "


Female, 46, anxiety

*"I had no idea that Hypnotherapy could be so fast and effective as a treatment for anxiety-provoking personal issues (or anything really!). I am thrilled with the outcome from my sessions with Joanna and continue to practice self-hypnosis daily after being taught this skill both during hypnotherapy and at the great short course also offered by Joanna. For the first time in my life I feel as though I have real control over my future and my happiness, a wonderful feeling. I have recommended hypnotherapy to my friends."


Female, 38, anxiety

*"I attended Joanna's self Hypnosis Workshop on 15th February 2015. I found it very easy to follow and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I have strategies now to help me to manage anxiety and stress and would recommend this workshop with out hesitation. I have also had a couple of personal Hypnotherapy sessions with Joanna which have proved very beneficial. Joanna is professional, patient and understanding, I felt 100% safe having Hypnotherapy with her. It has helped me enormously, after the first session I felt like I had a weight lifted from my shoulders."

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