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What is the difference between the hypnosis CD and a personal session with a hypnotherapist?

There are many hypnosis CDs, some of them just teaching how to relax, and some claiming help and instant fix in many areas, including life lasting phobias and past life regression. I would not object to relaxing, general wellbeing hypnosis CDs. They may be very beneficial and if you enjoy them, keep enjoying.  If listening to them became a chore and is boring, perhaps you rather listen to some nice music, because you will better relax when you enjoy what you hear.


Other hypnosis CDs may be beneficial, but they may also be harmful. People are different. We all have different bodies; our minds and souls differ even more. I saw many clients for the same issue, but never two the same cases. Take a simple phobia like a fear of flying. The reason of fear could be a turbulent flight when a teenager, could be your mum having bad cold and too tired to take care of you when you where a baby flying for family holidays, or it could be a fear of heights, or a fear of death, and you are too scared to expressed it. As many reasons as clients. The same is with solution, every client is using his/her own resources to overcome the fear. Sometimes the words on that  “suits all” CD may match your situation, and if they are good, they will let you find your own solution. More often your issue will be more personal that generalized problem for which the CD is made, so there will be no benefit and no harm. However, sometimes the CD will access the deep emotions, will revoke some traumas and will leave you in a very unstable situation, very upset.


This is different when you are under the care of a professional clinical hypnotherapist.


  • First during the counselling the specific therapy, suitable for you issue and your actual condition is set for you. And counselling also helps to see your problems in different light, as it is difficult to get the right perspective when you are depressed, anxious, in trauma or crisis, or in the power of a destructive habit.

  • Secondly, the hypnosis part of therapy is interactive; the constant feedback from you is used to adjust therapy to the current situation.

  • And most important, when you need to deal with difficult emotions, you have all the professional support and help you need, so you can move through them, leave them behind you or learn how to deal with them.


My strong recommendation is that when the problem affects you on a high level and it causes strong personal distress, you always seek professional help of well trained clinical hypnotherapist.

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