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Why do you need to do exercises at home and how many sessions will you need?

Why do I need to do exercises at home?

At each session the client is given some homework to do - usually the client is taught the relaxation technique on the first session, and then self hypnosis. It is very important to follow these exercises as they are an important part of the hypnotherapy process. They save the client money (less sessions will be needed) and they make the therapy success permanent. They also enable the client to deal with any future issues by themselves, without any help (even more money saved).

How many sessions will you need

This is difficult to answer before knowing what is your issue or your goal. It usually takes from 2 to 5 or 6 sessions for most of the cases. However, it may happen that your issue will be solved in the first session. But usually at least one additional session is needed to assure that the results are lasting.


Sometimes more than 5-6 sessions are required. And there are times when the client is happy with one issue solved and he wants to proceeded with other issues or goals. We always evaluate the therapy process every three or four session and we discuss any possible changes with the client.

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