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How Hypnotherapy Can Help You to Materialise Your New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year is approaching and when you stop cheering, when the festive season ends, the last fireworks dim out and you sober up from the celebrations, you will be left face-to-face with your New Year’s resolutions. How will you make them work this year? How will you make sure that they won’t fade away this year as they have done each year before? Can you hypnotise yourself into following your perfect solutions?


The truth is that most of us hypnotise ourselves unknowingly into failing instead of succeeding. You need to learn how to hypnotise yourself differently. Hypnotherapy helps to reverse this subconscious pattern; it uses hypnosis as a tool for success, not for failure.


We have all tried the New Year’s resolution. We are all full of great intentions – ready to change our lives for good – and the New Year seems like such a good time to start. We party hard through Christmas; New Year’s Eve is the last day of our old habits – the last time we let ourselves indulge in the old ways – and with the New Year we start a New Life, healthy, wisely, we will exercise, study, we will lose weight, stop smoking or drinking…


Most of our New Year’s resolutions last at least one day, unless they were only the New Year’s wishes. Strong New Year’s resolutions last for over a week and some of them for even longer, but by the end of January most of us forget our life-changing promises. We will do it on our next birthday… or perhaps the holidays will be a better time…


When the New Year’s resolutions are rescheduled we become disappointed with ourselves, even if we try to justify the lapse into our old habits (stress at work, kids have a cold, upset with husband, etc.). And how do we deal with disappointment? We eat, drink or smoke even more, we are even less motivated to go to the gym, we procrastinate more instead of studying…


How can you make it different this year? Is it worth trying if it never works? What is the most essential element of success? How can hypnotherapy help?


The most essential component of any success is a strong belief that you will succeed. This is how hypnotherapy can help. You can hypnotise yourself this year into success, instead of hypnotising yourself into failure.


Hypnotherapy will help you to define the success at first, so your goal will be very clear.

Most of us do not even realise what we really want to achieve – it can be so difficult to imagine ourselves really healthy, in a new slim body, energetic, happy, eloquent or educated, etc. In a hypnotic trance, you can visit your future self; you can find and redefine the results of the changes you wish to make.


The next step is to build the goal, to start experiencing it, to make it real.

With hypnotherapy you can bring the vision of your shining future to the current moment; you can visit the accomplishments of the milestones in your future life and celebrate them in the hypnotic trance, bringing joy and motivation to the here and now.


Hypnotherapy can help you to resolve the past.

Sometimes past trauma or very low confidence and other negative experiences can cloud the mind and the heart, casting shade on the future. It is difficult to build a vision for the future from a black hole of past trauma or overwhelming, negative self talk, even if you’ve had years of counselling and you logically understand why and how the past is affecting you. With the help of a skilled hypnotherapist you can revisit the past in hypnosis and see it in a different light, like a lesson, to change your perceptions and unhelpful beliefs and completely free yourself.


There are no goals that cannot be achieved when you are truly motivated and you strongly believe in the outcome. Hypnotherapy can help you to really own your goals, to make them part of you. As a result you are just on a mission to grow and evolve, and you know that you are succeeding because you have already been there.


The strong vision can help to overcome any obstacles. Hypnotherapy will not only help you to build this vision, it will make it real – so realistic that it will be impossible not to succeed. It is hypnotising yourself into success, focusing on the success, enjoying your New Year’s resolutions without too much pressure and pushing yourself, because this is the real you, just the way you are.


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