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Hypnotherapy for Natural Healthy Eating

What is natural healthy eating?

The eating is natural when we follow nature. We completely forget that we are part of nature. Our bodies are the miracles of nature. 


Do you know how many cells are in your body? About fifty trillion cells. This is an astronomical number, billions times more than the number of people living on the earth. All of these cells working together are your body, the wonder of nature, full of natural wisdom. Natural eating means just following your body, looking with love at this gift which you call your body and letting yourself be guided by it.


Natural healthy eating is when you assist nature, when you assist your body with providing it with what it really needs. This is when you are connected with your body and you listen to its needs, so you eat exactly what your body needs and how much it needs, and you do it with joy and with love, feeling your body’s satisfaction, enjoying its happy response, its playful willingness to move and to exercise, the flow of energy through its every cell.


It seems very simple and logical; however, in our culture we lost this natural connection between the body and the mind when eating just follows the body’s needs. We try to control the body, we have heads full of rules about the right food, we become obsessed with calorie counting. Everybody talks about dieting, not eating this, or eating lots of that. There are so many rules to follow. There are new researches published all the time. What was bad last year can be good this year… I especially like the discovery about dark chocolate – it used to be the forbidden food, but now it is considered healthy, even for your heart.    


The obsession about food and healthy eating is very often related to anxiety and emotional problems. It is a part of a vicious circle when combined with the obsession about body weight and body shape or the fear of illness. Anxiety and unresolved emotions trigger the emotional eating; the obsession with forbidden food brings guilt and feeling out of control, so negative emotions became stronger and more emotional eating follows. How to escape this crazy obsession with eating and dieting and trying to control your body with a hard fist? 


First step is to realize that you are much more than your body. How? Let yourself be aware of your body just now. Let yourself be aware of your arms and legs, and your breath. As you are aware of you body, you must be much more than your body, because otherwise, who would be aware of your body? As you are aware of your body, you may look at it as a gift to enjoy, you may see it like a little child who wants you to please you, who wants you to be happy, who also wants to be loved. And yes, look at this gift just the way it is, with love and respect, because it is a miracle and the wonder of nature. 


Hypnotherapy is the perfect tool to help you reconnect with your body and to implement natural eating.

The hypnotic state provides the natural focus of the mind required to make changes on the subconscious level to restore the natural connections between the body and the mind and to implement the natural healthy eating. The hypnotic state allows you to overcome the chatter of the conscious mind, the obsession related to eating, the constant controlling going on in the head. In hypnosis, you are able to use the power of your subconscious mind, the part of your mind which is closely connected with the body. 


There are four aspects of natural eating which can be implemented in hypnosis, the four aspects of restoring the natural connections between the body and mind. 


1.     Hunger.

Hunger is a physical feeling, a signal from the body. Your body naturally knows when it needs food and it signals it with hunger.  However, in our culture, we are rather hungry in the head, by seeing the food, we eat because we are bored, we confuse emotions with hunger, or we are never hungry, we forgot how it feels. In hypnosis you can reconnect with the body so you will be hungry only when it needs food.


2.     Cravings.

Your body knows what kind of food it needs, and craving is just the way the body communicates with the mind to get the required nutrients. In our civilization this connection usually disappears early in childhood. When you restore this connection in hypnosis, you will notice with surprise that your body makes you crave healthy food naturally, and some other food becomes simply boring. It is good to trust your body in this matter, because your body is well ahead of any research, so if you really crave something, just enjoy it.


3.  Enjoyment and satisfaction.

Your body knows how much food it needs, and it will naturally tell you when to stop. However, your body needs time to notice when it has enough food. In hypnosis, you can implement the habit of eating slowly.  When you eat very slowly, enjoying each bite, your body produces a joyful satisfaction when it has enough food, a very pleasant, light feeling. This is the signal to stop eating, the food becomes boring.


4.  Energy management. 

The body has a natural tendency to store the energy in the form of fat, especially when we are stressed or emotional. The body interprets it as a danger, as a possible famine pending. In hypnosis, when you are connected with your body, you can educate it; you can assure it that there is enough food around. Then you can simply ask your body to use this fat for energy, and your body happily listens. Hypnosis will also help you to relax and to reduce your stress level.


Once you implement the rules of natural eating, you are free to enjoy your food. You can forget the calorie counting; you can stop obsessing about good and bad food. You can always eat when you are hungry, because you are hungry only when your body needs food. When you are not hungry, the food is simply boring. You can eat what you really want to eat, because your body makes you crave what it needs, and who cares about the other food, it is just boring. And yes, you let yourself enjoy your food, eating slowly, enjoying the look of the food, texture, aroma and taste, and stopping when your body tells you that it has enough.

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