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Family Constellations Workshops

The Family Constellation workshop is the original way the constellations are performed. It differs from private sessions, because here the experience of the "knowing field", the experience of the common consciousness is very explicit and touching.  Even participating in somebody's constellation, just being a representative or observer moves and creates a shift on many different levels, showing that we are all connected. The energy of the knowing field shows as vibrations or other physical sensations in the body. The feelings and emotions experienced by representatives are powerful, and they operate at the body, mind and soul level.


The value for the client who is having his/her constellation done is also different. Watching the movement of a constellation from a chair is different, because it gives better opening for the resolution. There is another perspective, as the client is free just to watch as the energy shows itself in the representatives. The collective energy of all participants makes the knowing field stronger, so more hidden entanglements can be shown and resolved.

Workshop Structure

The workshop is made up of two groups of people


  1.     Participants who are interested in setting their own constellations and to be representatives for other people constellations. The number of participants doing their own constellation is limited to 6 persons.

  2.     Participants who came only as observers and/or representatives for other people's constellations, limited to maximum of 14 persons.


Both groups benefit form constellations, because even being a representative or observer taps into our unresolved issues and helps us to create some shift.


Each constellation usually takes from 25 to 45 minutes, but it could be longer or shorter than this. There are 5 to 6 constellations done in a one day workshop

The practical course of events for each constellation

  1. The person doing the constellation states the issue briefly. No history is needed; the person just explains the nature of the issue.

  2. The facilitator asks some questions about the family structure and the most important events from the constellation view.

  3. The facilitator decides which family members are relevant in solving the issues and asks the participant to choose the representatives to take the role of those family member. The participant is usually asked to choose a representative for himself/herself.

  4. The participant feels his way in the centre of the room and places representatives into the position which seems proper and then sits back and observes.

  5. At this time the energy field forms around the representatives and they experience the feelings of the real people they represent, even if they have no previous knowledge of their personalities or history. They also very often behave a the real person and have some knowledge of events never revealed to them.

  6. The facilitator leads the constellation, connecting with the energy of the field, observing representatives, asking questions as the dynamics of the family unfolds and looking for the best resolutions.

  7. At the end, when the solution is reached and the best possible order restored, the client takes his position in the Constellation to experience himself the new energy and healing.

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