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Feedback from Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss and Eating Disorders

*Disclaimer: This page contains short feedback from emails written by clients, in their own words. Every client and every situation is unique, so result may vary from person to person




Female, 58, depression, alkohol problem, emotional eating

*"Just wanted to say hello and to let you know that I have achieved my target weight.  Since seeing you, I have not had any alcohol nor do I ever feel like any. I cannot thank you enough for your help and hope to see you again at some point."


Female, 26, binge eating, alcohol addiction, depression, anxiety

*"I just wanted to email you a couple of pictures from my recent holiday to Rhodes and show you how far I have come with my weight loss.
Since my hypnotherapy sessions with you, I have lost 3 and a half stone and I am in love with the gym! I have a boyfriend that I've been seeing for 10 months now and can honestly say I would not be where I am today without your help. You really have changed my life and I will be forever grateful."


Female, 55, weight loss

*"I continue to exercise at least 5 times a week. I usually walk for an hour in the morning - still doing 6kms. In the last few weeks I am actually jogging part of the way which means I am doing the 6kms in about 50 min now. Not bad! I continue to lose weight slowly - to date I have lost 6 kg without really trying. I feel I have lost more weight than the 6 kg because I have dropped at least one clothes size - it is probably the muscle build up! I am sleeping well at night and am not feeling tired in the afternoons - again another benefit. I have to tell you I had a chocolate biscuit yesterday - first time in  months and didn't like the taste of it! I couldn't believe it. It just goes to show the power of the mind.
I am pleased to have found you. Your counsel has been of a great benefit to me - physically and emotionally."


Female, 30, weight loss, food obsession, social phobia / low confidence

*"I just wanted to also say thank you for everything. I have noticed such a big difference in nearly every aspect of my life. If only i had found you sooner. As far as my weightless goes I have been exercising 5 to 7 days a week and am actually really enjoying it, it is not a struggle or chore anymore. My eating has completely changed and become more balanced i am able to have the not so good foods without over indulging but mostly i am eating healthy. I now weigh 64.8kg and have lost a dress size in my pants. I am still working to reduce that a little bit more, i would really like to reach my all time goal of 60kg but I am much happier with the way i look and it has also bought out a lot more confidence. All my relationships with people have improved, i am much more confident and I feel at ease with my parents. The improvements in one aspect is impacting on the next and its just a big circle that keeps getting better. Thank you so much!"


Female, 44, weight loss and alcohol addiction

*"I'm 44 years old and have been carrying an excess of 15kg for over 10 years. Whatever I did I couldn't lose the weight. I felt frustrated and deep down felt like I couldn't keep a promise to myself and always found excuses. There where 3 main reasons why I couldn't lose weight.
1. I ate too bigger serving & sometimes the wrong food.
2. I didn't exercise everyday, I always said I didn't have the time.
3. I drank too much alcohol, due to many functions & I was in a habit, having wine every night.
At first seeing Joanna I did see a shift in my attitude towards food and eating. Then after a couple of weeks the shift was getting even wider. I felt more confident that I could do this. I started to exercise everyday, I cut down on the number of drinks per week & was taking a good look at the food I was eating. Its been sometime now since seeing Joanna and my mind has only got stronger. I have lost 7kg but inches of my body. I have almost dropped 2 dress sizes due to my fitness routine everyday. I only drink on weekends, no more than 2 glasses, which is fantastic for me. I never thought I could really break the habit of wine. Thank you Joanna I feel great, there is a quote that is one of Nelson Mandela's favorite's: 'I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul'. Thanks for putting me back on the healthy track, with my mind, body and soul."


Female, 26, emotional eating and body/food obsession
*"Working with you brought a true inner peace. I felt a great weight off my shoulders after our hypnotherapy sessions. It put me in a very peaceful space. And feeling at ease on the inside, reduced my wanting to over eat on the outside."


Female, 41, major depression, weight loss

*"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the 5 sessions of Hypnotherapy at your Pennant Hills Clinic. Although my initial reason for coming to see you was weight loss, I mentioned that I had had an ongoing battle with depression. With your help I have a new lease on life an have already lost 9 kilos, I cant believe it has been so easy. I wish I had come years ago, your proven results sure beats dieting, gym memberships, starvation, shakes and pills, why doesn’t everyone who needs to lose weight do this? Thanks again from a very grateful client, I would not hesitate to recommend your hypnotherapy to anyone who wants to make positive and permanent changes in they life"


Female, 35, binge eating, depression and very low self-esteem

*"I cannot tell you how much better I feel within myself. The binge-eating stopped very quickly after our sessions. Since our sessions I have fallen in love (for the first time). I am now for the first time very open about my feelings, the wall has come down and able to establish a relationship! For the first time I actually trust someone with my emotionals at all levels and have learnt to love myself. I feel so much happier in myself and have lost most of the weight without even trying I gained while binge-eating. I am evolving and growing everyday.
I would like to thank you for everything, you have made a real difference to my life and have no doubts in my mind this will continue for many years to come. I would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone dealing with problems/issues."

Male, 42, weight loss, emotional eating

*"I thought I'd let you know how I've been going...
Well, I've lost 9 kilos since we started the program and I wanted to say thanks. I had the will and you helped me find the way. I still enjoy food, but in a different way. I no longer need to eat to cope with stress and tension. Thanks."

Female, 27, weight loss, food obsession, binge eating

*"I have indeed achieved great results with hypnotherapy and the results are everlasting and ever progressing. I use self hypnosis and relaxation every day. There are times when I get too fixated and tense about certain things, or when I get bored and it can throw me out of balance a little but what we have established at our sessions and what I have learned helps me get back in balance and let go of the tension"


Female, 54, depression and weight loss

*"Thank you so much for your support and assisting me with coming to terms with my past. I feel so much more relaxed and at peace within myself and am happy with the weight loss which has been consistent over the past few weeks. I look forward to achieving much more as I take control and continue on my journey to self discovery and acceptance."


Female, 22, weight loss, food obsession, binge eating

*"I am so happy to say that you have totally changed my attitude to food and eating! I was constantly obsessing over my diet and eating habits until I started hypnotherapy. Now, I am much more relaxed and only eat the foods I truly need, and when I am truly hungry. I no longer feel the need to binge eat or eat fatty and sweet foods unnecessarily, and also combined with this I am starting to enjoy exercising which has made me lose inches off my waist. I cannot be thankful enough or happy enough that I found you! You were able to understand that my overeating was not just related to food itself, but other external issues which I now feel are resolved."


Female, 34, emotional eating and weight loss

*"It has been a joy to meet you and I am so glad I found you. You seem to be one of those rare professionals who truly understands and appreciates the real issues of emotional eating.
Something remarkable has happened inside me since I have been seeing you. I can feel it. I feel changed. Light. Lifted. Awakened! I am not sure if anyone, except me, can understand this wonderful free and calm feeling I have inside now. I also feel that somehow I can now cope with my life problems in a more positive way for my well-being."


Male, 34, very overweight

*"I just wanted to say thank you very much for the last session. It was amazing and it works. I wish I did it long ago. I eat only when I am hungry, and I eat slowly I can enjoy it much more! I know that I can eat anything I want to, but really don't crave fatty food like I did. I knew I had to loose weight, but I thought it needs to be the willpower struggle. Now I am excited when I go to the gym and I see the results"


Female, 60, weight control & emotional overeating

*"The sessions helped to relax me and to finally focus on my own health & wellness. I find I now put myself up there amongst the "important" people in my life, instead of feeling that everyone else's needs come before mine. I still do a great deal for my family, but I first of all take care of my own needs now . It doesn't feel selfish any longer and I am on a good path to becoming fit, trim and healthy."


Female, 27, emotional overeating

*"Having struggled with emotional eating for many years, for which I felt I could not control nor determine the cause, and having a positive referral from a friend regarding clinical hypnotherapy, I thought I would give it a try.  It made sense to me that much of how we behave is controlled by our subconscious mind, and if we could examine it, an answer would be found. This proved to be the case in the safe environment of clinical hypnotherapy and my eating behavior has vastly improved. I feel empowered and this feeling has permeated many other aspects of my life.  For me, clinical hypnotherapy was an especially positive experience."


Female, 61, weight control, compulsive overaeting  & high blood pressure

*"I have been doing really well with my diet and exercise program and am feeling very content emotionally, mentally and physically. I think you have done a good job for me and I am feeling focused on getting healthy and losing weight. My blood pressure is still much lower than it has been for many, many months and I feel so much better."


Female, 65, weight loss, binge eating, depression

*"Just thought I'd like to say a big thank you! I went to see you to ask if you could help me lose weight through hypnosis and after five sessions I have not only lost weight and continue to do so but I have also stopped binge eating, have less cravings for sugar, have become more calm, am able to handle stress more easily and have stopped buying every new diet book on the market.
It's still a learning process but I continue to practice self hypnosis each day which is helping me to relax and stay focused on healthy natural eating.
I also have more energy and feel like exercising more. After your sessions I feel I can now be happier and get more joy out of life.
You have made such a difference in my life."


Female, 27, binge eating, alcohol addiction, social anxiety

*"I just want to say I'm truly grateful for everything you have done for me over the last few weeks. I never thought I'd be able to break the binge eating/drinking cycle and I can honestly say I've never felt better. My clothes are starting to feel looser and I'm full of energy. I would never have thought that I can solve all the underlying issues which you helped me address and overcome and I cannot express my gratitude enough.The workshop really helped me connect with my body and I am much more aware of how capable I am to succeed in anything I put my mind to.

I have recommended you to friends and family and I have had nothing but compliments from people on the way I look, the way I interact with people and just my general overall attitude towards life. "


Female, 28, bulimia, depression, social anxiety

*"I found that I had really pleasing result after your therapy. I had significant improvements in confidence, in socialising with others and also in my bulimic episodes. I am quite surprised in all honesty as to how much more relaxed and easier I have found socialising, and my eating habits are well and truly normal."


Female, 16, bulimia

*"I'm a 16 year old girl, who has suffered from bulimia for 4 years. I was diagnosed with anorexia is late 2007. I've had two hospital admissions and was heading for my third until I found Joanna. She has taught me what healthy eating is all about and gave me the confidence to love who I am. The medical profession helped me get well medically, but they mentally and emotionally didn't help me at all.  Joanna gave me some excellent tools on self hypnoses and relaxation. I feel a lot happier within myself and I've finally learnt to love myself for who I am. I would highly recommend hypnotherapy from Joanna for anyone who has been in a similar situation that I had been in. Every Thursday I looked forward for my appointments with Joanna, because I knew I was finally a step closer to my recovery. When I came out of my session, I honestly felt like a new person had just been reborn within myself. Words cannot express how much this has helped me to overcome all the emotional and physical distress I carried with me for years. Not only did Joanna help me with my eating and self confidence, she also helped me in relationships involving my friends and family. How I can deal with drama in a more positive way. In all honesty, I didn't think hypnotherapy could help me overcome my problems, because at that point in time I thought nothing could. I was at my wits end dealing with all of this, so I decided to give it ago. Never did I think twice about it after my first session. Its truly incredible how quick I got over all the emotional side of things with this technique.  I cant thank Joanna enough for giving me the strength and insight to live a happy and healthier life. I thank you Joanna for that."


Female, 29, bulimia, depression and anxiety related health issues

*"Thank you so much for your hypnotherapy sessions. Before I came to see you, I was suffering Bulimia, slow transit constipation and anxiety. My symptoms included severe stomach cramps, bloating, dehydration, intolerance to foods, nausea, vomiting and insomnia. I was at a loss of what to do to help my conditions and I must admit I was skeptical about the results yet I remained open minded. During the sessions I was surprised to find that I was harboring unresolved emotional issues since childhood, which became resolved with your guidance. After your sessions I always left feeling peaceful, calm and in control of all aspects of my life. Since finishing the sessions my symptoms have reduced dramatically. I had a test in hospital which went horribly wrong and left me with agonizing stomach cramps for 10 minutes. During that time I used your method of hypnotherapy for pain relief. I am so incredibly grateful for that technique as it greatly reduced the extent and duration of pain, more so than the morphine they gave me for the same pain 2 years ago."


Female, 24, depression and bulimia

*"When I first commenced seeing Joanna I was trying to cope with an eating disorder of 6 years and immense unhappiness in my life. Initially depressed and suffering from an overwhelming sadness, through Joanna's techniques and atmosphere of trust and confidentiality, she empowered me with techniques and tools to build inner strength and power to overcome the deep hole i had found myself in as well as preventative methods for the future. I am not only 100% emotionally better and out of the black hole that was my eating disorder - but I feel competent from the sessions of hypnotherapy that I have a stronger mind and attitude when it comes to taking care of myself. I had never tried hypnotherapy previously, but I am definitely an advocate after my time spent with Joanna. Thank you for getting me to where I am today, the future is definitely bright"


Female, 30, bulimia and compulsive eating

*"My issues were with compulsive eating, but really it was never about the food - and hypnotherapy made me realize this. I dealt with things that I was not even aware I had problems with, and other issues I thought i had put to bed awhile ago resurfaced.
At the moment I do not think I need hypnotherapy as the effects were so profound, but i will definitely consider it again in the future as I know it can be used for all sorts of things."


Female, 25, binge eating, bulimia, anxiety

*"Well its been almost a year now since I first came to see you and just wanted to let you know how I'm going,
when I first came to see you I was emotional binge eating and taking laxatives on a daily basis because I could not pass the terrible foods I was eating when i tried to not take them I would get extremely constipated, bloated and depressed, and I would make myself vomit. It had been a vicious cycle for about 3 years. I had seen several doctors and gastroenterologists to try and find out why my stomach just couldn't work! but found I would be given more laxatives and told to just eat better.
After My first consultation with you i stopped taking the laxatives. I did suffer some discomfort in the first couple weeks but with our once a week sessions you helped me through this. I think a major part of my constipation was the anxiety I was suffering. I t has now been a year and I have not taken a single laxative! I am so thankful I have a happy healthy body and I eat well!!  I still sometimes have my anxiety which I'm also learning to control with the tools you have given me. So thank you so so much for fixing my 'stomach'."


Female, 28, IBS, anorexia, anxiety

*"Just wanted to write you a little note to thank you for all the work so far - I really do know that everything is working. In all the time I've been battling these things nothing has been quite so effective - thank you for your patience and understanding with everything, I have felt happier in the past few weeks than i have in many many years."


Female 31, bulimia

*"Thank you for our sessions. I feel I've got some great tools for relaxing, and calming my mind and body. While i would love to see you on a weekly basis (indefinately!) - I can't afford it financially i'm afraid! I would just like to add, however, you been worth every penny! I want to thank you for all the help you've given me. You have been amazing at helping me with my eating disorder (yes!) and your wise words and hypnotherapy has really given me some perspective. I now have a better understanding of my family, and what could be going on for them. Which is invaluable."


Female, 21, bulimia - FROM HER MOTHER

*"I just wanted to say thanks for all the help you have been giving my daughter.  I have really witnessed a change in her over the past few weeks and it is just so great to see her thinking about things differently, almost like shedding an old skin that she has outgrown if that makes sense. Words can’t express how thankful I am."


Female, 27, depression, anxiety, bulimia / anorexia

*"Things are going really well. I cannot thank you enough for the work you have done with me:) I can see a future for the first time in over 6 years and am making things happen. I am no longer speaking as if I am in the past. I am more present and I am enjoying studying (...)

I'm getting help from a close family friend in setting up a blog so that I can write for healing.  I want everyone to know that there are so many other options for treatment of Eating Disorders and Depression and I have some exciting things happening. Connecting with friends, old and new and people who are also established in their independent businesses. I am eating well and have gained weight which is scary but I know is helping me be strong and healthy so that I can be the very best version of myself and share my light."

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